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Here We Go, Steelers!

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The day had finally come that my Daddy got to redeem his birthday gift from me!  I think I was as excited as he was!  Not because of the Steelers’ preseason game, but because I got to spend the whole day with him!  Just he and I!   This only happens once in a blue moon.

I know this is lame, but I had the same breakfast as the day before: insert same picture

1 C. Fiber Select + 1/2 C. low-fat milk + frozen berries

I knew we would be walking a lot once we got to Pittsburgh, but I couldn’t NOT take advantage of the fact that we didn’t need to leave until 11ish for the game and I had off work the WHOLE day.  I decided I needed some Shaun T in my life, so I skidaddled downstairs to the basement for a little bit of Insanity action followed by a brief biking sesh.

I love using my new heart rate monitor!  I’m even getting used to the band around my chest and actually forgot it was there after a little while.  Post workout, I showered and pumped some caffeine in the form of homemade iced coffee and took a shower.


I found this sugar-free/cal free caramel syrup at Tarjayyy!  They had sugar-free vanilla too, so I snagged a bottle of each.  They are the best competitor for Torani that I’ve come across so far!

Our lunches came from the MTO menu at Sheetz so we could eat on the road.

I chose the typical Chef Salad, but asked them to make it with all turkey, no ham.  For some reason ham always tastes gristly to me and super salty.

I also picked up ANOTHER favorite item of mine from Sheetz, which I get almost EVERY time I go.

If you guessed sugar-free black cherry gel bites, you would be correct.  Annnnnd

a juicy navel orange.  I also tried a new drink

I was kind of intrigued because I had never seen a zero calorie tea with lemonade in it!  From the makers of Arizona Tea, I give you Arnold Palmer Zero Calore Half & Half.

It was decent, but I probably wouldn’t get it again…Should’ve known since I’m not a huge fan of lemon, but now I can’t say I didn’t try it! 🙂

The ride had my quite antsy to get out of the car and move my leggies, but I was in great company, so it was all good.

Turn in 149 miles…haha.  Road trips are half the fun, right?

When we finally got downtown, traffic was a little bit nuts, and parking was an adventure, but with a little teamwork, mainly Dad figuring everything out…haha…we found a spot in a parking garage…the SAME one that we used last year!

Dad was all decked out in his Steelers’ Polamalu jersey, but I had no supporting apparel, so we stopped at a side stand and got a Heath Miller jersey so I could look like a true fan 😉  It was a kids’ size, so it was a lot less expensive than what Dad paid for his!

At this point, I dug into my packed snacks.  Only one, actually.  In the tin foil, I had a La Tortilla Factory original wrap spread with a Sonoma Jacks Pepperjack cheese wedge + 1 Splenda and I devoured it.  The other snacks included a gala apple, cocoa roast almonds, muscle milk light, and snow peas.  I saved all the rest for later at the game.

We walked and walked, and walked some more until we reached the North Shorewhere the stadium and a whole slew of restaurants could be found.  It was a gorgeous but HOT day.  The temperature read 100°. 

Here’s a good shot of the PNC Park, where the Pittsburgh Pirates play!

We encountered LOTS and LOTS of fans along the way and finally wound up at our dinner destination.  It’s a good thing we got there when we did because by 5PM, when we arrived, there were already 4 pages of wait list folks!  We were determined to eat at this MUST go spot, because last year when we went it was even MORE packed

The Jerome Bettis 36 Grille on the North Shore is a really neat spot with outdoor dining (it was too hot that day), a bar area, and a neat atmosphere.  Inside, there is a wall of Bettis and lots of memorabilia.  Unfortunately, at this point, my camera battery died and much to my disappointment, I had NOTHING to use.  Luckily, Dad had his DLSR for the game, so we used that to get some good pics in the restaurant!  He hasn’t had a chance to upload them yet, but I promise as soon as he does, you guys will have first dibs on views! 😉 

Dad and I aren’t drinkers, but it was still a neat experience, none-the-less.  We actually met two women inside who were totally sweet.  Through chatting with them, we came to find that both of their boys had muscular dystrophy, a terminal illness that weakens all the muscles in the body to the point of being in a wheel chair.  We added their sons to our prayer list.  Their names are Christopher and Billy!  If you’d like to pray for them too, it would be much appreciated.  The ladies shared some photos with us and they are completely endearing.  My heart really goes out to these families.  Again, God blessed us with NEW FRIENDS.  They commented on how cute it was that my Dad and I held hands and prayed together before our meal. 

Lots of stuff on the menu looked good, but my stomach felt a little unsettled (possibly the jalapeno peppers in my Sheetz salad?), so I opted for something pretty basic.  I ordered the Large House Salad knix the croutons and dressing with vinegar on the side instead. 

I always mix my vinegar with Splenda for the dressing cause it makes a delicious combo!

Pops ordered three of the appetizers off of the menu, including the Salsa & Chips, Boneless Hot Wings, and Chili

Dad said the chili was outrageously HOT.  It was making his EYES water.  And this is coming fro ma person who generally thinks food is NEVER spicy enough.  My salad didn’t fill me up, but I had snackage to supplement the rest.   That’s when I slurped down my chocolate Muscle Milk Light and chomped on my apple.  More often than not, I come prepared 😉



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  1. AWW MAN! I can’t believe you were in Pittsburgh and I didn’t know 😦

    But I wouldn’t want to interrupt Daddy-daughter time! I know how precious it is!

    Now I miss my dad!

  2. i’m SOOOOOOOOO excited for football seas!!! i’m a humungo jets fan and my family are riiiiiiidiculous giants fans so our house is always cuhrazed on sundays!

    what a fun weekend though 🙂 and i do love me a good sheetz roadtrip stop!

  3. i have a polar HRM too and i love it. oh man.. football.. i am already getting sick of reading posts about it and it just started! haha. have a great weekend!

  4. your bfast isn’t lame! i love sticking with the same foods for days at a time then switching and doing the same.

    i bet the steelers game was fun! i’m a huge patriots fan though 😉

    so smart to bring your own snacks!

  5. Ya for daddy day!! I have never been to an NFL game, sooo jealous!! Maybe one day I will get to see one live! Love that you packed snacks!! I always do that for baseball games because even if I wanted their snacks, I refuse to pay $10 for popcorn!!

  6. Ooooooh football. I’m in Cowboy’s country haha no way to avoid football 😛

    And your heart rate monitor looks really legit! I’ve always wanted a bodybugg or something that will track calories burnt. What’s yours called?

  7. I just bought Arnold Palmer tea today but they didn’t have the zero calorie one! I’ve never even seen it before. I actually love the half-and-half Arnold Palmer so I definitely want to try the zero calorie version!

  8. Omg i grew up in Pittsburgh so this post almost had me in tears thinking about going to Steelers and Pirates games with my Dad when I was younger! Thank you for posting all these pictures, it made me reflect on my very first home!Looks like a blast gf, hope all is wellwith you! <333

  9. I love that Polar HRM. I have the same one, same color too.

    That’s awesome that you had a father/daughter day. I seriously can’t remember the last time my dad and I did that!

  10. Ahhh – it looks like you and your Dad had such an amazing time together!
    Lovely pics 🙂
    Hope you’re having a great weekend, girl!
    Can’t wait to see Part II 😉

  11. I immediately prayed for those 2 boys! How amazing that you met them that day! Another bond only you and your dad share! God inspired. I read and re-read this post about 4x. It made me smile so much. I am sincerely so genuinely happy for you; that you got to spend a loving day with your dad! Hopefully this will become a more frequent tradition?! Monthly ‘dad’ dates?
    Love you lots Sami!

  12. Dannggg 654 calories!! That’s awesome!

  13. Whenever I have something fun planned…. I pretty much always take the whole day off even if I could have went in for a few hours. Sometimes it is just fun to take the whole day off.

    It looks like insanity+biking was an INTENSE workout! I wish I had a heart rate monitor.

    I love spending time with my dad too. Usually we go to sam’s club to get free samples and shop, or we go get red box movies, or play basketball. That time is always special.

    Whit and I always pack snacks too. I saw those target syrups there the other day! Whit and I almost bought some, but then we went to World Market and they have an even bigger selection. There is pumkin pie, pecan pie, white chocolate, vanilla, caramel, coconut, raspberry, toffee nut, ect.



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