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Daily Archives: September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Recap #3

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The weekend was finished off with a trip to The Waffle Shop for breakfast with my babe (it’s his favorite meal of the day), and then a picnic after the commute home with my family.

I was in the mood for oatmeal, so that’s exactly what I ordered.  I doused it in sugar-free syrup & got a fruit cup on the side, too.  The milk remained unused.

FFBF ordered a Banana Nut Waffle with whipped cream.

He said it was reallllly good.  He was so full by the end of it, but finished it off like a champ 😉  He obviously knows about the blog…and all my weird habits…haha.

I hateeeed saying “bye” because I’m not sure when we’ll get to see each other next, and it doesn’t feel right going home by myself.  At least I had the picnic to look forward to!

By the time I pulled into the driveway, it was already lunch time!  I wasn’t THAT hungry, but after looking at all the goods, decided to throw together some veggie & protein power.

Momma Freckled Foodie is the BEST.  She always makes sure there’s a plethora of fresh veggies because she knows how much I adore them.  ❤

My plate:

Lettuce, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, cucumber, green pepper, tomato, grilled chicken, onion, mustard, and Annie’s Fat Free Mango Vinaigrette.

Rounded out the meal with the BEST part!  Sweet, steamed corn on the cob.  It is SOOOO yummy this time of year!

Dessert was an unpictured chunk of SUGAR FREE BLACK CHERRY JELLO, which my surrogate Mom, Hainey brought to the picnic!  IT’s my FAVORITE!  Thanks, Hainey! 😉

After lunch, this cutie pie showed me some skateboard moves in the driveway.  I LOVE her name, too.  Totally original….Anyone else out there know a girl with the name MONTANA? Didn’t think so 😉

A little while later, this sweet little man offered to share some of his sugar cookie with me.  I passed on the cookie, but took him up on the lovin’.  If you remember correctly, he just had a 1st birthday not too long ago!

The kids played hockey in the driveway and enjoyed the indian summer weather.

I played Quiddler with the ladies for awhile,

and chatted it up with them about our upcoming trip to the Women of Faith Conference which we’re all pretty stoked about.

Probably my favorite part of the day??? The MINUTE my BESTIE ARRIVED AT THE PICNIC!!! I haven’t seen her since the boy and I went to Philly to visit she and her new family.

Since we didn’t get to see one another on our birthday days,  she gave me a gift when I saw her yesterday.  I ordered hers and can’t share it on the blog since it didn’t come  yet, and she’s a reader 😉 

It was a virtual card from her, but I took a screen shot so I could show you all.

Six subscriptions for EATING WELL magazine!  How thoughtful is she?! EVERYTHING that’s going on in her life right now, and she STILL took the time to celebrate my birthday.  I’m getting super impatient to give her hers!! I sort of wanted to tell her about it yesterday, but that would kind of ruin it.   haha.  I’m SO bad at that!

Throughout the day, I had SEVERAL snacks like string cheese, vitatops, and THESE bad boys

Sugar-Free Chocolate Meringues!

Don’t they remind you of chocolate kisses?  Only with these, you can eat 13 cookies for just 40 calories and 5g protein +0g fat!  MMM!  Can you tell I’m on a chocolate kick lately?

Oh yeah, and I can’t forget…I did take some time to get some studying done…

my reward was some cocoa roasted almonds.

Dinner time came and I wasn’t even hungry, but when surrounded by all the delciousness, I made myself a plate almost identical to the lunchtime fare.  You get the picture 😉  Orrrr maybe you won’t? 

Anyway, I hope your Labor Day weekend was as enjoyable as mine!!  I had a blast.  PS- Wanna win some Larabars?? Wish Katie a Happy Birthday and ENTER!







Labor Day Weekend Recap #2

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The rest of the trip went sooo quickly I can’t even remember in what order it all went.  Here’s all the photo proof I have!  I’m sorry for the lack of detail!  We pretty much mosied around downtown all day.

FIRST, however I’d like to thank my friend, Bekah, who let me stay in her apartment in State College

She’s got great taste in design!  I loved her hot pink sheets and zebra accents.

Everything was very nice and neat, and it made for a really nice, relaxed stay.

She even designed her own cute collages for the walls in her room!  It made me a little jealous that I missed out on the whole college experience due to the thyroid issues, but I’m so happy that she’s enjoying it!  She deserves a wonderful experience. 

I was really pleased to see her stash of healthy snacks!  Most college students live off of chips, pizza, and beer, but Bek knows what’s up! 😉  She is on the polo team at PSU, too!  I’m super proud of her, so I left her a little something to show her my gratitude for her hospitality.

Anyway, Sunday morning, I remember digging into my personal packed goodies for breakfastCocoa roasted almonds, chocolate muscle milk light, and a chocolate vitatopHellllooooo chocolate!  Don’t judge.  I’m a girl, it’s my prerogative

I met up with the boyfriennnn and we explored downtown to the fullest.

We breaked from walking and such around 1PM for lunch.

My spread = an apple, a vegetable salad, and 3 hard boiled eggs (only ate 1 yolk) with mustard on top!

He went for a ham & cheese sub on wheat bread with olives, pickles, and lettuce.

How cute?  Seriously.  He cracks me up.

Afterward, we walked back downtown, and once we were finally bored and thought we had “seen it all”, we went back to the dorm for some wii.  He kicked my butt in most of the games, but I DID beat him in basketball once or twice.  He KILLS at table tennis, though.

Dinner time rolled around and we headed to the commons again for some grub.

This was probably my favorite meal the entire trip!  I got a slice of wheat bread to make 1/2 turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and roasted red peppers.  Then I made a biggg salad of spinach, cottage cheese, edamame, beets, carrots, broccoli & cauliflower with a splash of balsamic vinegar.  Holy yum.

Even better?

Froyo TWIST for dessert!

We watched “Invincible” when we got back to the room and relaxed.  After two days of a bunch of walking, some R&R was much deserved.  When the movie was over, I almost decided to become an Eagles fan ALONG with being a Steelers’ fan, but I hear that’s pretty much prohibited.  The movie was THAT inspirational

I went back to share a bed with Bekah boo, and the boy stayed in his dorm.  ‘Twas a blissful night.

Labor Day Weekend Recap #1

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As I mentioned in the previous post, this weekend was all about the three F’s: Friends, Family, & Football!  Typical Freckled Foodie bizznazz 😉  Oh yeah, there was food too…and LOTS of it!  I considered leaving for State College on Friday after work, but after getting barely ANY rest, I figured that a night in my own bed would be best and that I could just leave for the Youngston State/Penn State football game in the morning!  After all, I still had to pack and run a bunch of errands.

Before I left at about 7:45, I ate breakfast and hit Sheetz for a fuel up.

1 C. Fiber Select + 1/2 C. low-fat milk + 1 sweet, juicy peach.

The drive wasn’t too bad.  It only takes a little over an hour to get there, but I knew there would be lots of game traffic for the season opener.

I ended up having to take a pit stop at a rest station because my bladder almost exploded.  I guess that happens when you drink about a liter of iced coffee on the drive…

When I met up with the boy and his roommate, we went to the Commons to get a bite to eat for lunch before the 12PM kickoff.

1 slice buffalo chicken breast deli meat (YUM), egg whites, blanched veggies (green beans, broccoli cauliflower, carrots, red peppers) and a side of fresh fruit!

I was really pleased with all the healthy options that the school meal options offered!

Then we walked to the stadium

See the band?

The whole atmosphere was totally exhilarating!

 It was super chilly and I was freeeeezing!  How does it go from blazing hot to crisp and cool in just ONE day? 


The whole time, he kept wanting to “put me up” when the scored a touch down.  See, we were in the student section, and each time PSU scores, they lift the girls up and “throw them” around in the crowd.  

I was too chicken…we were standing on the EDGE of the bleachers!  One bad move, and I would’ve been thrown over.  Haha.

I got to meet a bunch of the boys’ friends from school towards the end of the second quarter. 

The halftime show was pretty cool on the Penn State end of things, too.  I don’t know why, but I love watching all the figurations and listening to the music. 

With five minutes to go in the game, the score was 44-7!   The Lions were kicking some butt!

After the game, we headed back to the dorm for a little while and played Wii.  A little while later, we walked downtown to wander around in the various shops, searching out some PSU apparel 🙂

Ladies Hooded Sweatshirt

I ended up getting this cute grey hoodie.  I really liked the white, too, but figured it would be a lot harder to keep spotless.  I just LOVE Jansport hoodies.  The softness on the inside NEVER goes away.  It’s almost the same as the blue one that I’m wearing in the photos, but I’ve had that one for about 2 1/2 years now!

When we came back to the room, we met up with the boy’s roommate, cousin, & cousin’s girlfriend for dinner at another spot on campus.

I hit up the “build-your-own” chinese dish at the commons which I filled with broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, edamame, shrimp, and peppers (I think there was a pineapple chunk or two in the mix somewhere!) over top of brown rice.  I asked them to steam it for me and then I sprinkled on some soy sauce!  It was perfect….warm & satisfying.

After dinner, we went to Lewistown to visit with some of the boy’s family until about 9:30PM.  We came back to campus and decided to call it a night.  I left for my girl, Bekah’s apartment and he stayed in his dorm.  No funny business 😉