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Labor Day Weekend Recap #2

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The rest of the trip went sooo quickly I can’t even remember in what order it all went.  Here’s all the photo proof I have!  I’m sorry for the lack of detail!  We pretty much mosied around downtown all day.

FIRST, however I’d like to thank my friend, Bekah, who let me stay in her apartment in State College

She’s got great taste in design!  I loved her hot pink sheets and zebra accents.

Everything was very nice and neat, and it made for a really nice, relaxed stay.

She even designed her own cute collages for the walls in her room!  It made me a little jealous that I missed out on the whole college experience due to the thyroid issues, but I’m so happy that she’s enjoying it!  She deserves a wonderful experience. 

I was really pleased to see her stash of healthy snacks!  Most college students live off of chips, pizza, and beer, but Bek knows what’s up! 😉  She is on the polo team at PSU, too!  I’m super proud of her, so I left her a little something to show her my gratitude for her hospitality.

Anyway, Sunday morning, I remember digging into my personal packed goodies for breakfastCocoa roasted almonds, chocolate muscle milk light, and a chocolate vitatopHellllooooo chocolate!  Don’t judge.  I’m a girl, it’s my prerogative

I met up with the boyfriennnn and we explored downtown to the fullest.

We breaked from walking and such around 1PM for lunch.

My spread = an apple, a vegetable salad, and 3 hard boiled eggs (only ate 1 yolk) with mustard on top!

He went for a ham & cheese sub on wheat bread with olives, pickles, and lettuce.

How cute?  Seriously.  He cracks me up.

Afterward, we walked back downtown, and once we were finally bored and thought we had “seen it all”, we went back to the dorm for some wii.  He kicked my butt in most of the games, but I DID beat him in basketball once or twice.  He KILLS at table tennis, though.

Dinner time rolled around and we headed to the commons again for some grub.

This was probably my favorite meal the entire trip!  I got a slice of wheat bread to make 1/2 turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and roasted red peppers.  Then I made a biggg salad of spinach, cottage cheese, edamame, beets, carrots, broccoli & cauliflower with a splash of balsamic vinegar.  Holy yum.

Even better?

Froyo TWIST for dessert!

We watched “Invincible” when we got back to the room and relaxed.  After two days of a bunch of walking, some R&R was much deserved.  When the movie was over, I almost decided to become an Eagles fan ALONG with being a Steelers’ fan, but I hear that’s pretty much prohibited.  The movie was THAT inspirational

I went back to share a bed with Bekah boo, and the boy stayed in his dorm.  ‘Twas a blissful night.


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  1. 14yearoldvegan

    I have that same exact zebra print body pillow! hahah what a coincidence! also the food looks great 🙂


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