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Dandies Marshmallows!

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Whoever thought that vegans had to miss out on the good things in life was sadly mistaken.  Thanks to Chicago Soy Dairy, creator of these magnificent Dandies, vegan marshmallows, those of you cutting animal products from your diet can still enjoy the taste of a classic Rice Krispie Treattm or a campfire s’more.

Don’t believe me?  I’ll even show you the ingredients list!  NO animal products, here!:

Nutritionally speaking, they’re not much different than a regular marshmallow either!

I’m not saying they’re some kind of “good for you, superfood“, because, let’s be honest, marshmallows are NOT packed with vitamins and minerals, but these are a great vegan alternative so that if you’re a practicer of ethical eating, you won’t have to miss out on your old time favorites!

I was a little sketchy about whether the taste and consistency would be the same as the “Jet Puff” variety I had been raised on, but I was pleasantly suprised!  They are pillowy, sweet and dissolve in your mouth just the way our childhood favorites do.  Next test?  BAKING with Dandies!

As you may remember, I used them in my “Indoor S’mores” recipe to take along to State College for the boyfriend…

These babies passed each test with flying colors!  They melted just like a normal marshmallow and mixed well with the other ingredients.  I was super impressed!

Check out how ooey, gooey, and delicious they turned out?

No one even knew any difference!  They tasted JUST like the real thing, too…and didn’t last more than ONE weekend in the boyfriend’s dorm…Haha.  I’m glad he liked them!

Check here where to find your very own bag of Dandies Marshmallows!  Or, you can order them online at any of THESE PLACES.  Thanks so much to the company for sending me some to review!


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  1. Don’t you love when you’re specifically accommodated to like that? I’m Gluten free and I loveeee when I see products labeled “Gluten Free”. My heart skips a beat haha it makes me feel like someone understands and cares 🙂

    I once talked to a vegan girl and she didn’t know marshmallows were not vegan and had been eating them often…. pretty bad vegan huh? haha

  2. Oh WHOA! That looks ridiculously good. Ri.dic. I’m glad vegans can join the rest of the S’mores-eating world 🙂


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