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G’morning, blog world.

It’s been awhile since I’ve started a post that way, and well, it’s about darn time 😉  Anyway, right now I’m at the Women of Faith Conference in Philadelphia, so you probably won’t be hearing from me for most of the weekend.  But I’ll be back with a FULL recap of all the excitement as soon as possible. Any other bloggers heading to that conference?

To make it up to you that I’ll be away, here’s an AWESOME coupon code from Ayala’s Herbal Waters to BUY THREE GET ONE FREE!  It’s only good through Sunday so take advantage quickly! “Buy3Get1Free” at CHECKOUT.

This post, however, is dedicated to my surrogate, ToddAs I mentioned before, he asked me to help him out with the nutritional side of his newly found healthy lifestyle.  He’s been doing the Insanity program, just as I have, and he’s doing great so far!  We even went grocery shopping together after church one week.

In Todd’s words, “tomato fresh from Hainey’s (surrogate Mom) garden on whole wheat bread with light miracle whip

I’m super proud of all the changes he’s made!  Check out some of his meals!  He even sends me some every once in awhile through text messages!  We’re all going to dinner tonight after seester FF’s first, last middle school basketball game!

“Grilled chicken with two fried eggs and fresh tomato”

He’s been doing a wonderful job of eating lean proteins, vegetables, and whole grains!  He never really had trouble with fruit, since he loves it!  I’m actually inspired by his determination!  He even created a chart to show his progress and a guideline for where he needs to be at what date to achieve his goal weight and body fat percentage!

How awesome is that?!  Not only is he seeing results, but he’s realizing that he made the right decision not to go the “get skinny quick” route, popping pills and trying all kinds of bogus fad diets. 

“Side salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette”

What I like best about this whole situation is that people are gradually accepting the fact that healthy food can be delicious.  Leading by example is the BEST way to help them along.  Todd cracks me up with random messages every once in awhile like…”Vitatops are awesome!  They’re like chocolate cakes with chocolate chips!” I love it.

“Broiled fish atop a crab cake with a baked potato and steamed snap peas on the side”

And HE says he doesn’t know what to eat 😉  Looks like he’s on the right track to me!  Give Todd some positive feedback on his progress and give him some tips on some of your favorite things to order at a restaurant or your favorite guilt-free snacks to enjoy!  He reads all the time, so by commenting on this post, you can show your support!



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  1. Wow congrats to Todd!! I bet your help has been really great 🙂 Its always more fun and easier to get fit with a partner. Being able to lean on someone and share your ups and downs is really key I think!! Have a great time this weekend!! I am looking forward to seeing more of Todd’s progress!

  2. Good for Todd! Starting small is the only way to begin. He is doing great!

    Have an awesome time this weekend.

  3. Good for Todd!! Going for a live style change, not a quick fix. I wish more people would live this way rather than just go with some fad. Best of luck!!

  4. Tomato sandwiches are so simple but so so good when the tomatoes are juicy and freshly in season!

  5. Way to go Todd! It really is about adding more of the “good stuff in”, instead of just ‘restricting’ or eliminating food. Just remember that this is a lifestyle and incremental changes add up, and are the most sustainable for long-term success! I wish you the best!

    Sami- Enjoy the conference, beautiful girl! Can’t wait to read that post!

  6. Thank you all for your support. It is very encouraging and also motivating! It is tough going to a restaurant and being a guy and choosing a salad over the other stuff. Until I think of my blog friends and I don’t want to let them down!
    And Sami is such an inspiration. It is great to have her in my corner! Gotta Love Her!


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