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Saturday morning, I was EXHAUSTED from the trip and festivities of Friday night, but could not resist taking advantage of the hotel gym.  After all, I had remembered not only my sneaks & shorts, but ALSO my heart rate monitor.  I DID take a photo of my stats on the treadmill, buuuuut somehow it was deleted?!  Disappointment.  Anyway, I ended up running about 3 miles, doing some plyo, and some ab work on the floor.  I could tell I was losing my fitness level…gahh.

Breakfast was next on the agenda.  The conference started at 9AM, so we were leaving at 8AM. (HORRID picture, I know)

Strawberry Chobani + 1 C. Fiber Select

Mid morning, after being on my feet, praising our wonderful LORD, I was a tad hangry, so I also chowed on a banana & a Cocoa Roasted Almond pack from THIS stash.  I shared the goodness with the group!

The events at the Conference got a little bit blurred for me, because everything seemed to be happening all at once, so I’m not sure if this was Friday night or Saturday, but one totally noteworthy couple, Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman attended, spoke, and sang.  It was quite possibly my favorite part of the entire thing

Mary Beth speaking

This dynamic duo of husband and wife are the epitome of what marriage should be like.  They’ve made it through SO much together.  Mary Beth shared with us some of her struggles with depression and anxiety, along with their family trials and triumphs

Steven Curtis singing

The couple has three biological children (two of the boys play in the band with him!), and three adopted children, one of which, Maria was taken to be with Jesus last year through an unfortunate event that took a hard blow to the whole family. 

Steven Curtis Chapman Family | (Left to right Will Franklin, Maria, Steven, Shaoey, Mary Beth, Stevey Joy, Caleb and Emily)


One of the sons, was backing out of the driveway, and accidentally hit the little girl.  Could you imagine how tough that would be to overcome together?  It was a true tragedy and I can remember the day I first heard about it.  

He did a beautiful job, and brought tears to our eyes when he sang “Cinderella” for his beloved little one.  The couple now is an operator of Show Hope, an adopting supporter which is something I would love to do someday.  He sang another song that was totally amazing, called “When Love Takes You In“, which you can check out the video for here.

Anyway, switching gears, lunch was another boxed one provided by the conference, but I had another chicken sausage wrap.  Same as yesterday!  Snacks included apples, bananas, and string cheese.

Before I knew it, 5PM rolled around and the conference was over.  What an experience!  Every year is so different from the previous, even though each is based on similar ideas.

We stopped at Cracker Barrel on the way home for dinner, but my phone was absolutely dead, so there was no photo proof of my meal, unfortunately.  I ordered the Grilled Chicken Tenderloins and got two salads for my sides. 

Slept like a baby when we got home!



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  1. That sounds so moving! Thank you for sharing! How humbling! And congrats on still going to the gym even though you were tired! That’s dedication!


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