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If you’re like me, you love the taste of tofu and the nutritional aspect, but you HATE the prep work involved.  Before I got to experience the TofuXpress, I rarely bought tofu because I hated having to deal with draining, straining, and pressing it out myself!  It was an utter disaster and took ALL the fun out of eating it because I dreaded having to prepare it!


Apparently, I’m not the only one!  It’s such ashame to me that such a powerful protein source, low in fat, high in calcium had to be overlooked for so long because of the ridiculous pain in the butt it was to press…Thankfully, the kind folks at TofuXpress sent me one of THESE babies to review.

Introducing the one, the only TOFUXPRESS.  It came to my rescue just in the nick of time when I had given up all hope of enjoying my beloved tofu dishes without hassle.  The TofuXpress is totally user friendly, which is perfect for a contraption shy foodie like myself.  It comes equipped with a user manual, complimentary MARINATING LID (as you can see in the right photo), AND a Vegetarian Recipe Book!

No more weights, plates, and paper towels for this tofu lovin’ blogger!  You can even use it for pressing water out of frozen/thawed spinach, sliced eggplant, and canned foods as well!  I GUARANTEE it will improve your tofu experience.

Removes water easily!
It fries better! 
Bakes better!
Grills better!
Add flavor by marinating!

All you do is put it in this little machine, twirl the lid on with the flick of a wrist, and let it work its magic!  It’s a total time-saver and is completely invaluable in my kitchen!

Check out this limited time offer where you can order TWO TofuXpress units and save $8.00!  You can also check out some delicious looking recipes on their site! 


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  1. Nora Kaszuba

    I actually broke the handle off my old cast iron skillet while trying to press tofu! It toppled to the floor. I am new to this and have found the Tofuxpress the best purchase ever! I am enjoying tofu and have switched to a mainly vegetarian diet. The Tofuxpress does everything it says!!


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