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Zevia! Introducing: Dr. Zevia

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If you’ve been a reader of the blog, you know I’ve been forbidding myself from indulging in the chemical goodness of diet sodas…ONLY because of alll the UNNATURAL ingredients.  However, ZEVIA is an all natural, zero calorie soda!  Sweetened with stevia, an herb native to South and Central America, this stuff contains none of the chemically processed artificial sugar substitutes, artificial flavors or artificial colors found in other diet sodas.  Which meansssssss….nothing but GOOOD news for me!  I can have my fizzy vice without feeling guilty for breaking my “challenge”!

Did you know Zevia was recently featured in “O” magazine?!

There’s even a NEW FLAVOR for you to try!  Dr. Zevia! 

Thanks to Zevia and Margaret, I got the opportunity to try this fabulous new addition to the Zevia family, and can personally attest to its awesomeness 😉  It is JUST like Diet Dr. Pepper.  Perfectly sweetened without a nasty aftertaste from all the artificial ingredients!  It’s even infused with nutmeg, clove, and natural spices!

As you may remember, I’m a huge fan of ZEVIA products, as you can read about in my prior review here, and have an excellent relationship with the company.  They are SO generous, that they even offered to have a giveaway of a mixed 6-pack for all you readers to participate in!  ALLLL you have to do in order


Is to visit their website and leave a comment letting me know ONE thing that you learned about stevia, the product that they use to sweeten their beverages, and which flavor you’d most like to try!

For an additional entry, you can link back to this post on your blog, announcing the giveaway!

I’ll choose a winner randomly on September 21, 2010!


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  1. Would love to get in on this giveaway!!! and favorite to try, Dr. Zevia.
    Fact about stevia…great sweetener for diabetics to use.
    Will post a link on my blog later this evening.
    Thanks so much for hosting this!!!
    Hugs to you…..

  2. I had no idea there was something called natural caffeine! Awesome

  3. chocolatecoveredseashells

    I never knew that stevia was used for medicinal purposes like heartburn or even osteoperosis! Favourite flavour to try would have to be Dr. Zevia or Black Cherry 🙂

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  6. I think it’s great that they use stevia to sweeten the sodas for a all natural way! I learned that it ranks ZERO on the glycemic index chart – great for diabetics especially!

    I’d love to try the ginger ale.. mmm!

  7. It has zero calories and zero net carbs (which is great because my aunt is starting the adkins diet and needs some sort of soda!). They use Stevia for sweetening and it has no effect on blood sugar levels, how great is that! I really want to try the Dr. Zevia.


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