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Tanka Bars!

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Congratulations to Tanka and the people at Native American Natural Foods for their recent awarding of the 2010 Editors’ Choice Backpacker Magazine Award for their delicious Tanka Bar Spicy Pepper Blend.  This award is totally prestigious and is given to a product outstanding innovation in design, materials and/or performance!

I was thrilled about having the opporunity to try Tanka Bars, Bites, and Sticks after reading all about the high protein/low fat nutritional value of buffalo on their website

Buffalo Nation


Not to mention, being a girl constantly on the go (between work, school, and getting my workout on), they are SUCH an enjoyable on the go source of lean protein that I can snack on in my car or running out the door!

Check out the goods!

These bars are especially delicious because along with the bison meat and savory blend of spices, they also incorporate CRANBERRIESHOLY YUM.  A bland piece of grilled chicken doesn’t stand a CHANCE against the flavor of these gems.

Each of the Sticks, Bars, and Bites come in two different varieties, Original & Spicy Pepper Blend (habanero, jalapeno, and red and black pepper).  Each one is  100% natural, gluten-free, nitrate free, hormone free, and low-fat!  For just 70 calories, you get 7g lean protein!  That’s my kinda meat!  The most FLAVORFUL thing I’ve had in animal product for SUCH a long time. 

The Tanka Wild Sticks are actually comprised of “prairie-raised Buffalo and tart-sweet Cranberries with 100% Indian-grown and harvested Minnesota cultivated Wild Rice“. 
Tanka Wild Nutrition

Wonderful stats as well!  Call me crazy, but I think Julie would have a hay day with these!  I remember her posting her love for meat snacks in her car, and I think she’d love them!  Lucky for her anddd all of youuu, Linda has kindly offered to hold a giveaway for you Freckled Foodie readers and a chance to win your OWN stash of these delicious, meaty treats

To enter: 

1. Visit their site and leave a comment about which Tanka variety you think you’d like best.

2.  Become a fan of Tanka Bars on Facebook or follow them on Twitter: @TankaBar.

3.  Link back to this post on your blog/tweet this giveaway/facebook announce! 

If you can’t wait to find out if you’ve won the giveaway, you can ORDER YOUR OWN TANKA goodies from the website with a GENEROUS coupon code: “FRECKLEDFOODIE” at check out and get a discount on your order (good until October 15, 2010!)  Good luckkk!  Happy weekending!


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  1. id love the cranberry and rice sticks! SO cool!!!

  2. i think id like the tanka wild sticks!

  3. mmm the spicy pepper bar sounds delish!

  4. Sounds great–I’ll check it out.

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  6. spicy!! I love Bison and Buffalo!!!!

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