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(Almost) Wordless Weekend Recap!

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Amazing Meal Vanilla Chai Kale Green Monster; Breakfast

Workout Stats

Oatmeal + Peanut Flour + Egg White Cookie

Bry Guy on the roadtrip to Philly where we  visit Aunt Bran, Uncle Jare, & Baby Bowman

Aquarium in Abington Memorial Hospital at the Special Care Nursery where we visit Baby Bowman.

Lunch salad

Snack in the waiting room

Jare helped me study while everyone BUT me got to visit with Baby Bo.  I went to visit with the bestie, but only a few select people are allowed in the “secure baby area“.

I finally got to give Bran her birthday gifts!  I ordered her a beautiful, handmade necklace in support of Baby Bo from Jules Jewlery.  On the website it was called Itty Bitty Footprint Charm.  The closure is my favorite part, it’s actually a little heart that connects the ends! I also gave her an Aeropostale gift card because she refuses to spend money on clothing for herself 😉 

From the hospital, we took Bran & Jare out to dinner at the Ruby Tuesday’s in the Willow Grove Mall.

Times Two.

The proud parents 🙂

The mall was beautiful and we strolled around after dinner in search of the Cheesecake Factory, where everyone but me ordered a dessert to go for the ride home. 

As beautiful as they were, I knew how they would make me feel having eaten some (aka: stomach ache + long car ride = bad idea), so I opted for the Vitatop that I had stashed away in my purse as my dessert 😉

Brooke, Bran’s sister let me take a photo of her chosen flavor! 

Check out the layers of chocolate, cheesecake, peanuts, and caramel!  Helllooo Snickers Cheesecake!

Don’t worry, I had some chocolate on the way home, too!

TT dropped me off in Harrisburg where I met up with seester FF for a movie!  We saw “Easy A”, which isn’t exactly a family film, but it was cute with a great ending message…


It was an all-around good day, and it ended with a great seesterly bonding time.

XO. Recap II coming soon!


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  1. So glad the baby is doing well!! You have mad restraint not getting cheesecake. I will get cheesecake even if I’m about to burst. Its my absolute favorite and my weakness!

  2. girl a little cheesecake every now and then dont hurt!! 🙂 cute baby!

  3. gonna send this to my mom


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