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Weekend Recap II

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Sunday, funday festivities

Pre-workout Breakfast: 1/2 chopped apple + 1/2 C. chopped butternut squash tossed in sugar free syrup + cinnamon & microwaved until tender

[insert Insane Abs & Biking for an hour here]

Post workout breakfast: frozen strawberry Chobani with calorie free chocolate syrup

Shower was taken and church was enjoyed from the comfort of my own home due to some last minute schedule changes.

CLA podcasts rock my socks off.  It worked out for the best because I had another family reunion at 1PM.

I packed an egg and cheese sammie to take along because I know reunion options are limited on the healthy side.

1 Thomas light ww english muffin with 1 egg + 1 eggwhite, kale, onion, tomato, and 1/2 slice Finlandia reduced fat swiss

 I didn’t want to look like a freak or like I was missing out so I hit the buffet line for this lil’ plate of freshness.

The bean salad was incredible.  Pretty sure there was copious amounts of olive oil and possible sugar in it, but I figured a taste wouldn’t hurt.  Plus, my favorite, white celery and REAL carrot sticks (not baby!).

The family enjoys things like pot pie, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, meatballs, macaroni and cheese, pepper filling, baked beans, and baked ham.  To be honest, foods like that just don’t appeal to me anymore…gimme some kale, hummus, and naan and I’d be a happy camper.

I played bingo and won absolutely nothing 🙂  Still fun, none-the-less.

There were lots of other winners though!  Some won paper towels, others won lottery tickets.  Ha.

Soon it was dwindling down and I walked home.

After all, it was only down the street from my house!  And it was an absolutely beautiful day.

When I got home, I studied and snacked for awhile.

Until finally my brain was fried and filled to the brim, so I went to therapy, aka the kitchen to bring together a real dinner.

1 ww Thomas light english muffin smashed with 1 Sonoma Jacks Pepperjack cheese wedge + sweet canned peas & cherry tomatoes on the side.

With a bowl of raw kale greens topped with COLD V8 Butternut Squash soup.  Yes, I enjoy cold soup.  It was extra chunky and delicious that way.  I diced up some green pepper and threw in some tomatoes for garnish.

The rest of the night, I watched, talked to the boyfriend (who’s coming home next weekend!!) and watched football with the fam.  Don’tcha love having some time to regroup before the work week starts back up again?  I know I do!







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  1. How fun!!! I love those Lancaster roads! 😉

  2. DiningAndDishing

    Butternut squash soup is my absolute favorite!! Ever tried it with a little sprinkle of cinnamon on top?? Divine!!

    – Beth @

  3. I’ve never had raw kale. Will have to try that.

  4. Isn’t it cool how once you switch to eating healthy “other food” is sort of….flat?

    I really think there are addictive qualities to fat sugar and salt that are elimnated once you cut them from your diet.

    You crave the GOOD stuff and the other stuff seems .. gross? (Well…lets not go overboard. I remember fried chicken, pizza..and it was GOOD but I don’t really crave it.



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