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Striving For More Than A Cure

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As many of you know, my best friend and cousin is going through a tough time right now with pre-mature baby Bowman.  This is not the first trial she’s ever gone through, and let me just say she is a FIGHTER.   Through lots of prayers from friends and family, she had been diagnosed with adrenal cancer a few years ago and is now in remission.  My friend, Jake contacted me about this initiative calledFeeding The Heart in honor of September being National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  I’m thankful he did because now I can share it with all of you!  Since I can personally relate to the trials and tribulations associated with cancer in young peoples’ lives, I really wanted to be part of this movement. 


Here’s how it works Striving For More, realizes that:

 Through this charity, you can help provide a number of helpful tools for children who are suffering and trying to find some sort of stability and healing through their cancer journeys.

Your donation goes toward a number of healing and therapeutic things for the patients such as:

  •  Beads of Courage

“Beads of Courage are designed to let children with cancer commemorate their personal cancer journey. Every time a child has a procedure—whether a chemotherapy infusion, radiation therapy, bone marrow aspirate, blood transfusion or other procedures—they receive a special bead from a member of the medical team to add to their “courage bead necklace.” Each bead represents a specific treatment:  a red heart bead for a blood transfusion, for example.

Beads of Courage demonstrate a child’s strengths and accomplishments. Each child’s unique necklace can help friends, schoolmates and extended family members better understand what he or she has gone through. Parents may also want to wear the beads to work as a way of sharing their child’s cancer journey with colleagues.”

  • Art/Music Therapy
  • Pastoral Care
  • Pediatric Oncology Social Workers
  • Medical Play Dolls

“The process of personalizing a blank, stuffed, body-shaped doll can provide children with a pleasurable and expressive activity which can be used by the child life team in many ways. Children decorate the dolls with non-toxic permanent markers. The dolls become a part of the treatment process and children take them home with them when they are discharged.

Child life specialists use the dolls to:

  • Help develop rapport with children and help them relax in a hospital environment
  • Help assess the child’s perception and feelings about healthcare experiences – talking about the doll is a non-threatening way to explore the child’s own concerns
  • Help children prepare for and cope with their treatment process – the doll can be used to show such things as where an injection will be given or what posture/body position is desired “

The cool thing is, you can give a micro donation of 99¢ through downloading the Tap-N-Give app on your iphone!  With your donation, you’ll get to choose a cute charity wallpaper for your phone! 

Making a difference can be as easy as the tap of your iphone screen… And seriously, who can’t afford to give just 99¢ ?

If you don’t have an iphone, you could also donate on the Striving For More website here




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