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Favorite Fatty.

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I’ve rediscovered my love for fat, thanks to HEAB who was speaking into my ear as I spotted a 10/$10 avocado sale at the grocery store last week.

The avocado ontop of these raw kale salads just make my lunch so much tastier.  Is it the creamy, satisfying healthy fats?  My guess is YES.  🙂  Between hummus and avocado, fat is rocking my world these days. 

Sorry for the short post!  Life is INSANE right now.  Hopefully back to full posting, regular meals tomorrow.  Thank you for  understanding!


LOVE you all and so does JESUS 😀



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  1. I love avocados. I have a very unsafe obsession with them lol

  2. DiningAndDishing

    Yay for healthy fats! Very important :).

    Hope things slow down for you soon lady!

    – Beth @

  3. just posted something on my FB page last night about FAT and how it has more calories than carbs/protein but is SO good for you!

  4. Amen for healthy fats!!! They rock my world too! 😉


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