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HUGE thanks to Robb Dorf and PureFit for sending me some of their wonderful protein bars to review!

Before you start thinking…”not another protein bar review….” let me say, THIS IS NOT JUST another protein bar.  Of course, it is 100% ALL-NATURAL packed with 18 grams of soy protein! 

PureFit has even got the carb/protein/fat ratios down PAT for maximum body fat loss, helping you to gain LEAN muscle!  They range from 210 calories to 240 depending on the flavor.

40% carbs, 30% protein, 30% fat

Purefit also acknowledges that INGREDIENTS MATTER.  That’s why you can’t find any sketchy ingredients (like the ones listed above) in any of their award-winning bars!

They’re even gluten-free, so EVERYONE can enjoy them!  PLUS, they’ve got a LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX, so they won’t cause a sugar-crash and they’re ideal for diabetics!

Each of the five flavors: Granola Crunch,  Berry Almond Crunch, Almond Crunch, Chocolate Brownie, and Peanut Butter Crunch are absolutely fabulous.  Not one taste of ARTIFICIAL anything.  Dense and chewy just the way I like my protein bars 🙂

They’re totally satiating, too.  I mean I’m a hunrgy girl and after my workouts I’ve got to have something to hold me over from 6-8:45PM after an intense cardio session.  These bars were PERFECTLY easy to pack and didn’t take up a lot of space in my gym bag.  I think my favorite were the NEW Granola Crunch!  They reminded me of sweet, honey vanilla granola that I could eat by the BOX full.  🙂

Trust me, you’re going to want to try EACH flavor.  They all have something different to offer!  The Almond Berry Crunch is another top notch flavee.  Do yourself a favor and order the Sample Pack from the website.  You won’t regret it.  Especially if you’re an on the go, protein-seeking, dessert-lover such as myself 😉  Common!  It’s less than $10 bucks!  BUt then again, if you buy 2 or more boxes, you get a PureFit license plate cover?

Thanks again Robb!



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  2. I’ve never tried these bars -great to know!


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