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Rudi’s Organic 14 Grain & Whole Wheat, Honored!

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I knew from the first time I tried Rudi’s Organic Breads, that they were an award-winning company.  After all their, delicious Cinnamon Raisin and hearty 14-Grain are enough to make any girl swoon. 

In fact, this August, the 14-Grain was put to the test and completely won out according to Every Day with Rachel Ray and ended up being featured in the September issue.  It’s about time someone give this wholesome, fluffy, nutty bread get some recognition!

“A blind taste test is conducted using a panel consisting of the magazine’s editors, food industry professional and guests. Panelists taste each product over the course of several hours, recording their scores for flavor, texture and appearance with most weight going to flavor. Rudi’s Organic Bakery’s 14 Grain topped the magazine’s selections based on its high scores”

I love that the ingredients are recognizable

What’s not to love?  No shady ingredients, and PHENOMONAL taste & texture.

Just three slices of this stuff will give you the recommended DV of whole grains! 

In addition, another honorable bread from the Rudi’s family, 100% Whole Wheat, won top honors in the Taste Test Awards by Cooking Light Magazine!

The hint of molasses in this Rudi’s all-star is what puts it over the edge as far as taste, in my opinion.  I have no idea how they make such moist, perfect bread, truth be told.

4g fiber, 3g protein, 1g fat, 100 calories!

Check out the article in October’s Edition of Cooking Light

To qualify in the grocery categories, foods had to be available in major markets nationwide.  Cooking Light vetted products against nutrition standards, eliminating those that contained artificial trans fats, too much salt, or artificial sugars.  The panel of editors tasted finalists “blind”.  The tasters did not know which brands they were sampling. 

Thank you so much to Paula and the folks at Rudi’s Organic for sending me two of these wonderful breads to try out and brag about 🙂  They are FABULOUS.  You can find buy your own Rudi’s Organic products online, or find some near you, using the store locator on the company’s site!


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  1. Hey Freckled Foodie! Thank you so much for giving our award winning breads a try and for sharing your thoughts with your readers.

    We shared a link to your post on our Facebook page, including the picture of you with the green mustache. It’s just so darn cute, we couldn’t help ourselves!

    -Paula, on behalf of Rudi’s Organic Bakery


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