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Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Sidewalk Prophets?  One of my friends’ brothers is actually the drummer!  But I swear, I’m not biased…They are the BEST!

“Be strong in the Lord and never give up hope,
You’re gonna do great things, I already know
God’s got his hand on You, so don’t live life in fear,
Forgive & forget but don’t forget why you’re here,
Take your time and pray…”

There are lots of instances when Vitatops save my butt.  I don’t think they’re credited nearly enough on my blog…and for lack of creativity, I guess I’d rather not acknowledge the fact that I’m either too busy or too lazy to whip up my own breakfast cookie most mornings like Gina.

Not only do they satiate my hunger, but they also kick my chocolate craving to the curb.  They taste truly sinful.  Especially the variety I had this morning:  Fudgy Peanut Butter Chocolate.

Alll washed down with another pumpkin protein shake containing 1C. unsweet almond breeze, 1 scoop Vanilla Chai Amazing Meal, ice, sugar-free vanilla syrup, and a scoop or so of canned pumpkin!

I was volunteering at a flu shot clinic today with work, so it was nice to get out of the office and interact with people for the entire morning.  Around 11:45 AM, I headed back to the office to break into my lunch around 12PM.

This was not just ANY sandwich.  I don’t know why these four simple ingredients hadn’t popped into my mind before, because this was probably the BEST sandwich I’ve had in a long time. 

I can’t tell you how well the saltiness from the lunch meat and the sweetness from the bread & jam went together.  It was pure bliss, and I can assure you, you’ll see this again.

In my opinion, the bread was the real all-star in this combo:  Yoga Bread has my heart.  Okay, enough about how good it was…here’s how to make it:  2 slices yoga bread, smoked turkey breast, sugar free apricot jam, and 1 Sonoma Jack’s cheese wedge ❤

Can’t forget the veggiesBaby carrots, cukes, & cherry tomatoes tossed in sugar free raspberry syrup + apple cider vinegar.

Around 3PM I was in the mood for some fruity goodness, so I carbed up for my workout to take place after work with this crisp fuji.

After work, I enjoyed a 40 minute elliptical warm-up, followed by a 5PM basketball practice which was a bit disappointing.  Many of the girls had to work, so we were left with just three of us.  We still ran drills and stuff, but I had to leave at about 5:30PM to shower and get ready for my 6PM class, so my time in the gym was brief to say the least.

Not too shabby for 1.5 hours, burning 529 calories, but the max HR wasn’t nearly as high.

Anyway, I had dinner in my car, as per usual….I was reallllly looking forward to what I had packed mainly because of Justin and his amazeeeeee nut butter 🙂

I always take the photos at my desk because in the car it’s too much of a hassle.  But, if you’ve never had these two together, you MUST.  I’ve determined that anything orange (carrots, sweet taters, pumpkin, squash) goes perfectly with almond butter…then again, what doesn’t?

I also packed another favorite dish of mine:  broccoli slaw, fat free cottage cheese, marinara sauce, lima beans, & hummus.    Super random, I know, TRY IT.

Class was stupendous as usual.  My professor is awe-inducing.  Right now, we’re learning about Napolean and the French Revolution…Usually, I find history boring and outdated, but he truly brings the stories to life.  I’m a little disappointed with my last test score, but my average in the class is still an 86.  I just turned in some extra credit, so I’m hoping that helps. 

When I got home, I regrouped, packing everything up for the next day, and snacked my face off.

  • frozen grapes
  • pineapple Chobani
  • Vitabrownie
  • 1 C. Unsweet almond breeze with sugar-free coconut syrup

❤  Twas a good day.  Even better?  It’s already hump day.  We’re on the downhill slope, folks!



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  1. I just found your blog and I think I just found my twin. Girlie you rock and so does your taste in food!! Hahaha.
    I love vita tops, I love chobani. Frozen grapes are my FAVE and putting coconut in my almond breeze was a revelation when I figured it out.

    I just started blogging myself, but I can’t wait to continue, and to continue reading you here!!

  2. Gosh vitatops are so good!! I usually stay away from those “diet” friendly frozen things, but I think vitatops deserve a special recognition. I can’t find the latest flavors anywhere though. My favorite is still Banana Nut but I’m dying to try the Chocolate Fig.
    Hope today was a good one Sami!

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