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NY Naturals Kale Chips

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Drum rolls please…  This may be my favorite new product this year.

Never in my life had I imagined that kale could be so scrumptious.  In all honesty, my homemade kale chips are alright, but nothing special…These New York Naturals Kale Chips deserve a freaking medal.

If you’re not drooling by the end of this post, I’d be shocked.

May I introduce to you, the healthy, raw, vegan version of a dorito.  The genius behind the idea?  Amy Hamberry.  Thank God for you 🙂 

Gorgeous, isn’t she?

  Well, she’s brilliant, too.  You see, she’s the brain behind these raw, vegan, delectably crispy wafers, “made from kale leaves laboriously massaged with a cheesy-tasting coating of pulverized cashews, cayenne, red peppers, and lemon juice, and air-dried at 115 degrees for up to fifteen hours“.

I’m telling you right now, you will not put the box down.  It’s like once you pop, the fun don’t stop.  They’re as addictive as a potato chip, yet 938410298503215 TIMES healthier.  They’ve got Vegan “Cheese”, Bombay Ranch, and Spicy Miso.

Each 3.5 ounce container makes great toppings for salad, crunch factor in place of croutons for soup, or just enjoyed on their own.  “Kale by itself is a superfood full of fiber, vitamin A, and iron. Even though these chips are dehydrated, they maintain many of the health benefits, including providing 50% of your vitamin A, 2 grams of fiber, and 10% of your iron in each serving. One serving contains approximately 100 calories and is much more filling than the typical serving of potato chips.”


 You can buy them online or in stores, but whatever you do, GET THEM somewhere!  They are a little steep in price, at $7.49 per container or $19.95 for a three-pack, but it’s due to the process in which they’re made!  A lot of time and effort goes into each batch! You won’t regret it.


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  1. chocolatecoveredseashells

    Kale chips are so amazing. I’ve made them by scratch before (kale at the local market, break into strips, sprinkle some olive oil on and bake at 350) and it is definitely way better than potato chips!

  2. These sound awesome!! I need to get some asap.

  3. oh wow they sound great! like healthy doritos hahaha 🙂 she IS a smart woman!

  4. I tried these rather expensive kale chips. they are way too salty and they after a few they taste awful. why so much money for a handful of Kale – i mean really? c’mon, i wouldnt give these to my child, i would rather steam some kale and give him the nutritous value kale deserves. i say, stay away from these and stick to an a pple, save your hard earned money.


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