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The Birth of a Monster Burger.

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Verse of the Day:

I desire to do your will, O my God; your law is within my heart.”

– Psalm 40:8

Breakfast was eaten on the run in the morning, and I was frustrated to say the least. 


I had a Vitabrownie before I left for work and then ate this dish at my desk. 

In fact, my anger and frustration was taken out on my harmless tupperware container, and Daddy came to my rescue, scooping up all the fat-free riccotta cheese, pumpkin, and banana slices that had been mixed together with some sugar-free syrup & cinnamon in an effort to help me tote it to work unspilled.  What a great Daddy I have 🙂

Some days, I just think to myself, can’t ANYTHING just be EASY for once?!

Is it sad that somedays at work, the only things I look forward to are lunchtime and quitting time?

Basic iceberg chopped salad with cucumber and tomato with greek yogurt topping and a side of brown rice with black beans and salsa (later to be topped with a Cabot habanero “serious snackers” cheese.

Who can blame me when I’ve got a mexican fiesta hidden away in the depths of my purple boxy lunch tote?

Once assembled, I was pretty proud of my desk lunch.  In fact, I wasn’t hungry for the rest of the afternoon, but I knew if I didn’t eat some workout fuel, half-way through basketball practice, I’d be wanting to eat my arm off.

This monster of an apple did the trick! I ellipticalled as a warm up for about 35 minutes total and did some ab work & pushups on the floor mats.  At 5PM I ran into the gym ready to go for practice. 

After an hour & 1/2 of drills, running, and playing, I had to leave at 6:30PM to shower and get ready for my 7PM math class.  LIFE is insane right now.  Literally, I feel like I’m living out of my car most days.

I ALWAYS make it a priority to fuel properly though, for these chaotic times.  I mean, if I’m going to be forced into eating dinner in my car, it better darn well taste good 🙂

I packed myself a veggie burger on my last two slices of Rudi’s Organic 100% WW bread, toasted with a Sonoma Jack’s cheese wedge spread, some sweet peas mashed ontop, piled high with mushrooms and a few slices of onion, and topped with some iceberg lettuce and obligatory reduced sugar ketchup.   Just call it the MONSTER burger.  It really hit the spot after my workout.

On the side I packed some green beans & carrots to round out my meal.  Also, I had two kiwi and a fuji apple before heading into class, which I picked up yesterday at the farmer’s market. 

Right now, we’re learning functions…of which, I’m finally starting to understand…Up until now, we’ve been learning about things I’ve seen before, but until this point, I had never known how to do a vertical shift, stretch and compression from just one function.

It’s real fun.

*note the sarcasm*

To be honest, it wouldn’t be so bad if I had a better professor.  Everyday we do the same thing.  Go over the homework and do example problems.  I tried asking a question yesterday, and he totally cut me off in the middle.  Anyway…I’m lucky just to be back in school again, so I should probably stop complaining about the crazy schedule and the not-so-great professor.

When I got home at about 9:30PM, I had a package waiting for me from  With glee, I opened it to discover my 12 boxes of Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze ❤  I celebrated with a cup of it mixed with sugar free coconut syrup…Mmmmm.

After the celebration *teehee*, I unloaded, repacked, and watched the rest of the Phillies’ game.  In the words of Nick Staskin, “Devastating. Excruciating. Mind-blowing. Baffling.”

Hang in there, Phils 😉

Before bed, I had a big bowl of Fiber Select + fat-free ricotta cheese + sugar free raspberry syrup + unsweet almond breeze as a dessert.  Whatever, I deserved it after a 1,000 + calorie burn.  Oh yeah, and I entered this awesome giveaway to win some VEGA protein powder, which I’ve been dying to try.



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  1. Wow, even more astonishing than this delicious looking veggie burger is the fact that you were able to eat it in your car! lol

  2. DiningAndDishing

    You do lead a busy, busy life! I admire your ability to get through all of that each day with such a positive attitude! 🙂

    – Beth @

  3. Phew Im tired just from reading about your crazy life! lol And girl thats a lot of almond milk! lol I buy one at a time…but then again I go to the store every week haha

  4. Wow… such a busy life! Gotta love those vitabrownies, they really make my day 🙂
    Oh and where did you get your HR/Watch thingy (yes thats the technical term haha). I’ve been looking for ages but I can’t seem to find a good quality one anywhere!
    Thankyouu xxx

  5. Ugh, I hate a bad start to a morning. Glad your day ended well! Thanks for the Cabot mention- that’s a very innovative use of a Serious Snacker 🙂


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