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Zone Perfect Cookie Dough Nutrition Bars!

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Everyone knows, the best way to eat a cookie is before it’s baked, in all its doughy glory.   In fact, as a kid, when my Mom bought the frozen cookie dough from our school fundraisers, the mixes rarely made it to the oven.  My sisters and I could demolish a frozen pack of cookie dough in about a week 🙂

These days, cookie dough would probably send my body into a sugar coma and my blood sugar would spike so high I wouldn’t know what hit me.  Thankfully, Megan and Zone Perfect gave me a NEW way to experience the pleasure of eating cookie dough in a healthy way!  I give you, Zone Perfect All-Natural Cookie Dough Nutrition Bars. 

Honestly, when I first heard about these bars, I was very skeptical.  After all, in my mind, nothing could come close to the real deal (butter, sugar, heavy cream in the cookie dough department)  especially with nutritional stats like these:

But to be honest, given a blindfolded taste-test, I never would have known the difference!  The flavors:  Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip, and Oatmeal Raisin, are each phenomonally tasty.  Instead of a nutrition bar, they could be labeled dessert.  Boasting 10g of protein, and ALLL kinds (17 to be exact!) of vitamins & minerals, you’ll get a heck of a nutritional punch for your calorie buck.  As if that’s not convincing enough, they’re also loaded with antioxidants!

Not only is the flavoring spot on, but the texture is wonderful too!  Just like when you blend the PERFECT batch of homemade cookies.  The batter bar is not too runny, not too sticky, thick, creamy, and fluffy.  In the Oatmeal Raisin, there are even whole, plump, sweet raisins throughout the bar…white “icing” ontop to boot!


 I’ve got to admit, though, the classic Chocolate Chip was probably my favorite.  It was just like those Toll House Cookies my Momma bakes at Christmas time!  ❤  I love that they’re in individual wrappers because it makes keeping portion control easier.  With cookies they’re allll laid out in front of you…and seriously, who eats just ONE cookie?  The size of these bars is pretty generous, too.  I mean they aren’t HUGE, but they’re certainly more “dough” than you’d get with the average cookie!

Thanks so much Megan!  She even sent me these bars in a cute little jar (like this one)

Zone Perfect Cookie Jar.JPG


But much to my dismay, it ended up in tiny little shards on my dining room floor.  My klutzy self knocked it right off of the table 😦  I was SO disappointed.  It would’ve made SUCH a great storage place for all my bars! 

I adore you, Zone Perfect!  Try them out and order online, or find them in a store near you that carries them!

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  1. Hahaha I THOUGHT I recognized my bedspread!!! Sorry your jar broke 😦

  2. These look fantastic!! If they made it past the blindfold test that’s good enough to me. I grew up eating cookie dough on the sly (my mom was not a big fan of the whole salmonella shindig) so I am looking forward to going public with my doughy addiction – and with stats like that, so is my body!

    Great review girlie, sorry about the broken jar though 😦 what I wouldn’t give for a rewind button.


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