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What Love Really Means.

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I didn’t have the time yesterday to share with you the entire story behind my history mid-term the other day…You see, as I said, I went into the test feeling super prepared…but I came out of the room almost in tears.  You know that feeling you get when you can almost PICTURE your study guide in front of you, but you can’t seem to remember EXACTLY what was on it.  Then you get yourself frazzled and freak out, causing you to lose focus and REALLY get yourself confused.  It’s hard to put things in perspective when you feel like an ultimate failure.  I don’t know about you, but I have this SERIOUS need to “measure up”…I have this unreasonable expectation to be the best at everything, and maintaining less than a 4.0 would be unexceptable.  What happened the FIRST time I went to school was my worst fear…FAILURE. 

As I left, the only thing I was thinking was how the test grade would kill my average in the class (currently a 90%).  I know I didn’t FAIL the mid-term, but I certainly didn’t do as well as I should’ve.  Anyway, I got into my car and drove home, allowing time for the tears to really well up in my eyes.  Not two seconds into my commute home,  I hear JJ Heller come on the radio.  She’s one of my favorite Christian artists, and I knew that God was sending me a message through her.  More like hitting me in the head with it, actually 🙂  I LOVE it when He does that, because sometimes, I’m too dense and caught up in my own problems to see Him at work.  Her song, “What Love Really Means” is the most AMAZING reminder that no matter where you find yourself, God loves you for YOU.  This would be a wonderful contribution to the Operation Beautiful page!!!  Listen to the song here.

Anywho, my breakfast was courtesy of Udi’s Gluten-free Granola.

Gluten Free Original Granola


No good shots, because I was grabbing handfuls on my way out the door, buttt I can tell you this stuff is AWESOME.  Not missing the gluten at ALL.

What all is in the original? Good stuff.

Ingredients: Certified Gluten Free Oats, Wildflower Honey, Canola Oil, Raisins, Banana Chips, Walnuts, Cashews, Almonds and Pistachios

This combination is stellarrr.  And for protein to accompany my carbs this morning, I chose a Chocolate Mint Protein Shakee from Optimum Nutrition.

1 scoop protein powder, 4 ice cubes, sugar-free chocolate syrup

I knew I’d need these 24g of protein & yummy fatty carbs to hold me over throughout the morning, since I was volunteering at the flu shot clinic at work until 12PM, so there would be no time for snacks.

After a few hours of needles, paperwork, and band aids, I was craving what I had packed for lunch.  I’m really digging the fact that I’m not JUST packing the same old sandwiches everyday

2 slices of The Baker Honey Wheat bread, but can you guess what’s inside?

How about now?

Okay, okay, I’ll tell you.  First off, if you’ve never had sweet peas mashed into a sandwich (canned is my preference!), TRY it now.  That is an order 🙂  That’s what’s on the left slice.  On the right, we have a wedge of Sonoma Jack’s Pepperjack cheese topped with 1 egg + 1 white microwaved (using the pour & poke method).

With my sandwich, I had a gorgeous medley of fresh cut veggies including baby carrots, yellow pepper, red pepper, cherry tomato, cucumber, and green pepper all dressed up in Annie’s Fat Free Mango dressing.

Andddd later in the afternoon, I dug into this glorious piece of tupperware

1/2 red delicious apple & 1/4 butternut squash microwaved in some sugar free almond syrup + cinnamon

Other snacks included a lil bitta chocolate

in almond form 🙂

After work and before the workOUT, also hadda Chiquitaaa.

with a sketchy sticker…I like the ones with little messages better….like “I’m good for you!”

I went into the fitness room and read some “People” magazine while I jammed to my ipod and used the Cross Ramp.  After the fitness center, I had basketball practice from 5 until 6:30 when I had to leave to shower before class.

983 calories; 180 max hr; 2 hours 20 min.

Oh yeah, then I demolished my packed dinner from my car before class.

Black bean & Forty Spices hummus sammich on honey wheat

Grrrrr.  It gets dark at like 6Pm anymore, so these photos were only visible by the grace of my “map lights” in the car.  Not to mention, they were hustled because I had to be in class by 7 which gives me a 1/2 hour to shower, dress, look presentable, eat, and walk to class.  Fun times.

Roasted green beans & brococli in nooch

And with that, I hobbled to class.  I may not understand the vertical/horizontal shifts/stretches, but I do understand the algebraic things we’re doing with the functions now.  Praise God.  🙂

After class, dessert was obvious.  I had a waning container of NSA fat-free vanilla ice cream that was calling out to me from the freezer.

Topped with caramel sugar-free Log Cabin

And a vita brownie for good measure  😉 

I may or may not have also consumed a handful or two of granola before bed…GAH this stuff is DANGEROUS in my house!!

BEFORE I GO!  Here’s the winner of the Kroeger Herb giveaway I had awhile back!!

CONGRATS, Kelsey! Please send me your mailing address and phone number @ so I can get your prize shipped to you!

What are your exciting Halloween plans?  Are you dressing up?!



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  1. im always shocked when i see vita brownies on blogs because theyre one of the most dense brownies on the market yet sooo good for you! it seems like an oxymoron! lol

    WOW what a workout! thankfully u know the best way to fuel up ❤ ❤

    mmm i have a few halloween keepnig it a surprise just in case i dont end up doing anything haha 😛

  2. AHHH Ignore my last question! I know what you mean. I literally study 15 hrs a day. I burned out in my first month. I have about 24 internet browser open at all times with everything relavent to my class (exams, other notes, entire web sites dedicated, quizzes etc). I cried when I got one question wrong on my first assignment- I was that stressed out. My family doesn’t know I’m taking this- I want to surprise them and make them proud with an A, and regarding pressure- My good friend (who is a top lawyer now) won the GOLDEN Medal award (or something like that) in honors for Economics. I now feel like I need to do better than him, better than the entire class etc. I ended up having a total anxiety attack, ended up at the drs and am so burned out now I can’t focus! We’re on the second half of the course post midterm to which my prof said ‘will KILL us” and he is notorious for giving the hardest finals in the entire department. There is actually a website devoted to ppl remarking how the final will kill you! I think you just put too much pressure on yourself! I am sure you aced your exam! You are a beautiful, intelligent and genuinely GREAT person!
    Praying for you!


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