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Find A Reason To Smile.

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Verse of the Day:

“Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God—this is your spiritual act of worship.”

– Romans 12:1

I’ve realized at this point in life that some days are just BOUND to be better than others.  Not everyday I’m going to wake up and have a stellar day.  The way I react to the bad things that happen, however is a CHOICE.  I can choose to have a positive attitude, or I can choose to be miserable. 

So here we go, five things that made me smile.

1. Bowman’s Care Page.  This handy tool that the hospital provides allows me to check in on the little guy even when I’m not able to be with him.  It’s upkept by my cousin & her husband, so they can relay the message on the latest findings to all of us family and friends who are out there praying for the little man.  I’m SO thankful for this!

2. This delicious lunch that I packed for myself.  It’s true.  I find joy in good, healthy food. 

The more I thought about this one, I should be thankful for food at all.  In this day and age, I find that more and more families are having trouble putting food on the table at all. 

I feel almost guilty that I’m such a snob about what goes into my mouth.  Lots of people would be thankful for a chunk of bread, and here I am criticizing all the nutritional information

Thank you God for giving me the resources to support my habits 🙂

3. The ability to see and enjoy the splendor of God’s creation on my commute home from work.  Sure, traffic can be annoying going over the mountain in the morning and afternoon, but how can you complain about a view like this?

It is breath-taking.  I feel so blessed to live in such a safe area with the gorgeous country side surrounding me.

I’ve never had to worry about walking out my front door and witnessing an assault, or where my next meal will come from.  God has provided a safe and sound environment for my family and I to live in. 

4.  The ZING bar company, which sent me these candy-like bars which are absolutely fabulous.

This Orange Cranberry, almond butter-based bar was the perfect addition to my dinner last night.  Of COURSE, it figures, a night that I actually had the time to cook, it was the LAST thing I felt like doing 🙂

5.  It’s FRIDAY!!!

Need I say more?

What made YOU smile today? Could it be Anne’s tea giveaway?  Cause that’s my #6! 😉





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  1. You made me smile today. You’re just the greatest with the best attitude.

    luv ya!

  2. The picture of you with a green monster mustache makes me smile! 🙂

  3. mm ur yummy bar reminds me of the colors of those autumn leaves ❤ ❤

    ps. just emailed you back- cant believe i won the giveaway and actually commented on the post that announced it but totally was blind as a bat LOL ❤

  4. awww what a sweet post 🙂 i wish we had better leafage here but things have just kind of been dead already and we’re not getting good fall colors! hope you had a great weekend girl!


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