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Thanks so much to Stacy and Stonewall Kitchen for sending me some of their gourmet, award-winning products to try out and review for the blog!  I have heard so many good things about this company from their originality to their homemade taste, the compliments toward Stonewall Kitchen seemed to be endless when the brand was mentioned around those that knew of it!

First off, I got to try their #1 seller, this Wild Maine Blueberry Jam!

This jam is like blueberry heaven.  Flawlessly sweet, but not over-whelmingly so.  Thick, yet spreadable with chunks of whole blueberries make for bursts of juicy flavor no matter what you use it on…like PIE FILLING, almost.  It’s deliciously dark and I enjoyed it most favorably ontop of oats!  It was like a blueberry cobbler!

Next up is a seasonal favorite, Maple Pumpkin Butter!


This decadent, rich spread was wonderful over crunchy toast.  I mean honestly, it was wonderful over ANYTHING I put it on, but most specifically, toast?  Try making Pumpkin Soup or Warm Pumpkin Pudding Cake!  It makes a delightful alternative to caramel dip for apples as well!  Just stir a tablespoon or two into a container of plain greek yogurt, and you’ve got yourself a nutritious fruit dipping sauce packed with protein!  Check out the ingredients…ALL NATURAL!


Aseptic Pumpkin Puree, Pure Cane Sugar, Brown Sugar, Maple Syrup, Water, Modified Cornstarch, Citric Acid, Spices


 Similar to the Wild Maine Blueberry Jam, I got to try out the Apricot Jam as well!

 Holy cowww.  Now, I’m typically a sugar-free jam kinda girl myself, but I replaced my typical Polaner spread with this stuff when I made my last turkey & Sonoma Jack’s pepperjack cheese wedge sandwich, and MAN could I taste a difference.  It is just a TINY indulgence, but it changes the wow factor of the sandwich.  Seriously, I may never go back 🙂  PLUS, I wanna try out these Chocolate Apricot Truffles!  As the description on the site says, it is LOADED with fruit!  I wonder how many apricots are actually in a jar!  It’s gotta be a tonn.  Absolutely divinee.

There were SO many different Pancake & Waffle mixes available through Stonewall Kitchen that they had me craving pancakes since the minute I hit the page.

They’ve got mixes like Gingerbread, Toasted Coconut, Pumpkin, Banana, Chocolate Chip, and the list goes on.  The Granola Pancake & Waffle Mix, which I got to try out, is a winner both taste & texture wise.  It’s satisfying and crunchy, yet wholesome and nutritious.  Heck, if this picture isn’t enough to make you drool, you must be inhuman.

The toppings for these babies are endless!  Cooked apples, maple syrup, some Maple Pumpkin Butter?! GO crazy.  You can’t lose 🙂

Lastly, we’ve got a little vegetable action!  How about some Mango Lime Salsa for on top of those corn chips while you’re watching the big game this fall? 

Got tilapia on the brain?  Spread on some of this glorious topping!  It’s like a hint of sweetness with a zesty kick scrambled in!  Stonewall Kitchen, sure knows how to make a salsa.

Simple ingredients, yet SO powerful.

I’m pretty sure this Mango Mustard Glazed Chicken is calling my namee 🙂  Right now, if you buy 3 of these salsas, you’ll get 10% off!  You can keep them in your pantry for those last minute party snacks, and they’re wonderful to keep onhand! 

Stonewall Kitchen definitely has my seal of approval.  I can’t wait to order some of their other goodies!!! I’ve got my eye on their no sugar added line of jams! 😀



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  1. DiningAndDishing

    Gourmet jams are sooo yummy! I love creative twists on the usual flavors…

    – Beth @

  2. Yuum, they all look amazing, and we can get some of them in the UK. Score! 🙂 xxx

  3. I love Stonewall Kitchen Condiments!!!! Some of my favorite is the Maple Champagne Mustard and the Apple Chutney!!! But I’ve never seen that Pumpkin Butter and I’m pretty sure if I did, I would scream with excitement.

  4. Thanks for the review!! Their products look fantastic and maple champagne mustard?? Yes PLEASE!

  5. sounds awesome! I wana see a pic of how u used em!

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