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Sunday, Funday.

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Breakfast Sunday morning consisted of Protein Hot Chocolate, which was made super easy using some chocolate mint protein powder, a little bitta unsweet almond breeze (for creamy factor), and sugar-free chocolate syrup.

This toast slice (courtesy of The Baker) is only 1/2 of what I ate…I grew impatient waiting for the sun to shine through the window so I could get a good shot, and decided to take advantage of melted ICBINB spray before it cooled.

I ended up buying this white erase board for in my room, since I didn’t have one.  I figured it will help me keep organized.

My to-do list seemed feasible, and Sunday seemed like the perfect opportunity to get it all accomplished.

Although the green border didn’t quite match my other decor (my black and white photography, printed and stuck into b&w frames) which complimented my lilac walls with plum-stamped, whimsical butterflies, I figured the contrast wouldn’t matter all that much.  It was efficient!

In no time at all, I had an organized closet with three bags of clothing to be donated! 🙂  After all, who needs THAT much clothing? 

Hopefully, with the cold weather moving in, someone in need with be able to use these threads.  I have to admit, this probably should’ve been done awhile ago, as I have much more clothing than I need.  I feel guilty about the mass amount of clothing I was hoarding in my closet!

Next up, I started my holiday gift making!  I saw this idea in “Eating Well” magazine and decided to give it a go!  It’s a basic recipe for sugar scrub that you can give to your friends and family. 

I tried it out and it was AWESOME.  It makes your skin SO silky smooth! The PERFECT exfoliator.  I can’t wait to get creative with some different scented oils mixed in. 

For now, I stuck with the vegetable oil and sugar measured out 1 C. of each per jar.  Simple as that!  Kinda ugly looking, but I plan to “pretty them up” before giving them out by getting some decorative covers and such at the craft store and wrapping them all up in ribbons ❤

Obviously, I had wayyy more than just a kiwi throughout the day, but I just didn’t take the time to photograph.  More pictured eats coming tomorrow!

Plain and simple, that was my weekend wrap up!



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  1. I always have to write out my to-do lists. I have a white board at work and it’s how I survive every single week.

    Love the homemade jar idea for gifts. Homemade and food gifts make the very best presents.

    Hope today was just as productive! 🙂

    PS- I swear I didn’t forget about a blogger meet up!!!! We need to plan one for this month. 😉

  2. lol good job on cleaning up your room. It looked like a tornado went through. lmao


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