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Tribe Origins All-Natural Hummus

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Tribe has done it again!  This time, they’ve created an all natural, smooth and creamy recipe, which comes complete with a generous serving of toppings.

“Made from a few simple ingredients and nothing more, Tribe Origins has no artificial preservatives or flavors to spoil its natural goodness. Hummus made the way it was meant to be.”

There are FOUR flavors of the Tribe Origins line, and I cannot wait to try them all!  Being the garlic lover that I am, I’ll bet you can guess which one I tried with the free coupon that the lovely Laura shared with me!

Who can argue with the philosophy of this company when the end result is so delicious?  I could honestly eat this garlicky paste on just about anything.  Smeared on toast, with veggies for dipping, coated on shrimp, or just straight from the container.  Dang, this is good.  The extra “toppings” are just icing on the cake. 

It’s actually laugh-worthy to me that they have to include “Please Enjoy Within 7 Days After Opening” to the container, because let’s be real…this stuff wouldn’t last 72 hours in my house 🙂 

The other three flavors look enticing as well.

Along with the Classic, Tribe has added Tomato & Veggie and Spicy Red Pepper to the mix! We all know about my love affair with the Tribe Roasted Red Pepper Hummus and Forty Spices, so these are just another thing to add to the “gotta try” list! 

I can say, that the texture is EXTRA thick, just the way I like it (TWSS?).  Even more so than the originals?  Try them!



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  1. Wish we had them here in the UK – they look so good. I adore hummus, sooo jealous haha xxx


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