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Top Ten From My Last Two!

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10.  As you may remember, I mentioned that I found some goodies at the Consignment Store which just opened a grocery section.  This little gem was found there and snatched up for just $1.49!

After Thursday I started on it, and after this weekend I’m down to just 1/2 the bar.

Green & Black’s Dark Chocolate with cherries is pretty awesome, if I do say so.

Check out the chunkage of dried fruit in there!  It was sweet and sinful, yet tart.  I’m savoring each and every bit of it.  The stats aren’t too bad for chocolate either.  12 pieces for 210 calories.  I usually take 2 or 3 at a time.

9.  Catching up on my One Tree Hill episodes while working out!

The new ones come on Tuesday nights, so while I’m sitting in class from 6-8:45, the Tree Hill gang is lighting up the screen with their new episode.

Thank goodness for 🙂  Gotta love the early morning workout with no makeup and lookin’ like death.  Haha.

Between OTH & Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, I managed to stay occupied for a little over three hours on Saturday morning…which leads me to number eight…

8.  Barney Butter re-entering my life.

And at minimal cost, thanks to another Consignment Store find!

I used it to fuel my three hour elliptical maddness.

With some sugar-free strawberry jelly on a La Tortilla Factory wrap, heated in the microwave for about 20 seconds until melty & delicious.   Bring on the fats!

7.  A new favorite protein, which was also found at the Consignment Store.  I pretty much heard a ‘hallelujah choir’ when I spotted this on the shelf.

Bourbon Vanilla Tera’s Whey ❤

Only $10.89!! Which I put right to work after my cardio sesh Saturday to mend the muscles.

It was sweet, and reminded me of a carmely flavor, too!  Thanks to Janetha who inspired me to get this flavor 😉

6.  I tried a new “sauce” this weekend, which was absolutely fantastic.  IT’s funny, because I just got a comment from Missy letting me know that I should try Bragg’s Liquid Aminos…I had JUST picked some up at the farmers’ market less than a week ago.


I mixed her up with a little bitta sugar-free syrup and some chili powder and marinated some brussel sprouts & carrots in it.  After roasting my veggie babies in the oven at 375° for about 15-20 minutes, I arrived at one of the most delicious lunches I’ve had for a long time.

I even got to use my tofu xpress!  Is it weird that I like RAW tofu?   At least I’m not alone.  I was thinking of you, GC while I was eating it! 

Nom, nom, nom.  <–I don’t even like using that.

5.  Meeting this little man!  Jamison Bishop.

Our friends, Jay & Kami came over on Saturday night for dinner.  They just had a little boy and I hogged him a lot of the night…he’s only 2 months old!

There’s something so relaxing and comforting about holding a baby….more baby talk later 😉

4.  I rediscovered my love of tea this weekend.  Teatulia teas to be precise.

100% Premium Organic Bengal Breakfast Tea

Mmmmmmm..Add a little bitta almond milk (another GC inspiration – milky tea!) & some Ideal no calorie sweetener.  It’s the perfect after dinner treat!  Reviews to come 😉

3.  An amazing message on Sunday morning from CLA’s, Pastor Wayde Wilson.

It was all about trusting God with what he’s given us and being generous with our money and “material things”.  It totally makes sense that we would be blessed more if we GIVE more.  I mean, if God gives us a little bit and we show Him that we will put it to good use for HIS purpose, He knows He can trust us with it and He’ll give us MORE. 

HE will ALWAYS provide.  We will NEVER need for anything if we hand our finances over to Him.

2.  Getting my car washed.  Lame but true.

I feel so much better driving a clean car 🙂

1.  VISITING the bestie & BABY BOWMAN

…in the CRIB ROOM, which is ultimately one step closer to the door!

They are doing so well.  I’m so proud of Bowman!  He’s growing like a weed and he’s a little over 3 months old now!

Also, he’s in crib #31 now, which is MY favorite number!  It has been my basketball number for as long as I can remember.  He will be going in for some testing this morning, so please say a prayer for him!  This could be the big week that he finally gets to come home to his Phillies’ nursery!!

Hope you all had at LEAST ten highlights from your weekend.  Leave a comment telling me a few! 😉



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  1. That baby is ADORABLE!!! Both of them 🙂

  2. DiningAndDishing

    2 super cute babies in one weekend! How much fun is that?? 🙂

    So jealous of all your consignment store finds – I can’t find Barney Butter at ANY store near to me!

    – Beth @

  3. three HOURS on the elliptical? I don’t last 3 min on that thing. blech. Ya for Tera’s! My fave! #31–totally a lucky sign 😉

    • well no, not 3 on the elliptical 🙂 i did insanity, the abs program which was about 15 min. then i did intervals on the stationary bike & elliptical. during commercials, i did some ab work. it wasn’t constant either, there were water & pee breaks. haha. i wanted to catch up on my shows, but i can’t stand just sitting around typically, so this was a nice alternative 🙂

  4. Girl, you spent 3 whole hours on the ET????? That’s CRAZY!!! I can barely last 45 min and then I feel like a hamster.

    Aww, so many babies. I’m so happy to hear that baby Bowman is doing well. What a precious gift from God. 🙂

  5. Love your highlights for the weekend! Mine definitely weren’t as fun… just had to work and study! Story of my life!

  6. oh! that chocolate bar is a MAJOR score! i’ve never had that flavor but i imagine the chunky cherries to be epic as a chocolate combo 🙂

  7. I don’t know if I would like that chocolate bar. Cherries and dark chocolate are not my favorite. lol However, the milk chocolate one I bought when I was with you is yummy. You know I love One Tree HIll. I missed last night’s episode though. Aww babies. How much is baby bowman’s weight up to? I’m glad he’s doing so well. Mom ordered to containers of soup from you guys to support him.

    • haha. I love chocolate covered cherries! it is a different kind of taste though. i think i’d like it better if it were dried bananas in the chocolate!! i miss EVERY new episode when it first comes out. that’s what i do on saturday mornings. haha. while i’m working out i watch the stuff i missed online 🙂 thank you to you and your family for supporting bowman! he is doing so well. a little champ 🙂 5 pounds! 😀

      • You’re welcome. I’m happy to help. Wow Sam that is awesome. It amazes me how well he is doing and has improved. I’ll continue to pray for him. 🙂 Does he get to come home soon?

      • 🙂 I know! I shouldn’t be shocked but I am! Just goes to show, that we should NEVER underestimate our JeSUS 🙂 Hehe. We’re hoping he’ll be home soon! He needs to start eating better and his eyes need to improve a little bit before they’ll send him!

  8. I am planning an eco-friendly baby shower for my sister, and, trying so hard to think of different things to do. Anyway…… I came up with a wishing well where each guest will be asked to bring one organic jar of baby food, but I don’t know how to present it in invitations or at the shower? I searched and searched the internet and could NOT find anything to help, hoping you ladies can!!!!!!


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