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The Greatest Promise Of All.

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Breakfast was inspired by one of the most comforting desserts EVER.  Anyone else love a juicy, blueberry cobbler a la mode?  Well that’s what this was…in healthier form 🙂

1/3 C. old fashioned oats + 1 egg white + cinnamon + 1 tbsp.  sugar-free blueberry jelly; alongside a 1/2 C. fat-free no sugar added vanilla ice cream.

For protein, I also had a Morningstar maple flavored “sausage” patty on the side. Dontcha love when breakfast tastes like dessert?

Anywho, The commute to work was a mess.  It was rainy, and for some reason people forget how to drive with a little precipitation?! 

Merging seems to be where they have trouble.  SO frustrating.  At least I had his nice little reminder that GOD IS IN CONTROL to keep my road rage from surfacing.

Then, lunchtime rolled around in the office, and I headed to the fridge to retrieve all my packed up goodies.

I almost forgot to take a photo, but be glad I did, because this Pizza style stuffed pretzel from Kim & Scott’s was definitely noteworthy.

I loved the flavor of the sauce inside.  It wasn’t as “stuffed” as I’d prefer for 280 calories, but it packed an 11g of protein and just 4g of fat, which wasn’t too bad.  To accompany my pretzel lunch, I packed a salad.

Baby romaine topped with diced cucumber, green beans, and orange peppers with a little dollop of fat-free cottage cheese.  I also used some Walden Farms fat-free vidalia onion dressing for this bowl of veggies.

Later in the afternoon, before I left for my workout, I had a giganto Jonagold apple (which wasn’t as sweet as I had remembered?) diced up and microwaved for about 2 minutes just until tender.

I ellipticalled a little bit before practice (only for about 35 minutes) and then I left the fitness center to head to the gym for basketball practice at 5pm.

In between practice and ellipticalling, I had a few pitted dates (Mariani!) as well, but I was on the run (LITERALLY), so I didn’t get a photo.

I showered up, got dressed and skidaddled to my car where I knew dinner was waiting.

I had a cajun chicken deli meat wrap on a La Tortilla Factory wrap with salsa & baby spring mix.

PLUS a steamed broccoli slaw salad (not so pretty, but mighty delicious!)

Complete with a Morningstar veggie burger, crumbled up, some Cedar’s garlic lovers hummus, fat-free cottage cheese, and some reduced sugar ketchup.  I think this is my favorite combo in the whole world. 

Class was kinda lame.  Maybe because I had a splitting headache the whole time…in any case, I was SO relieved when I got home.  I had a scoop or two of said ice cream from breakfast plus a little bitta Chocolate Inspiration which was awaiting my arrival home 🙂  More on that in a later post!

How did God show himself to YOU today?



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  1. God showed himself through protecting my little brother through surgery. He had a sports injury that needed to be fixed, so he went into surgery yesterday. Of course I was scared out o my mind, but God let his peace fall over me and I got through it without freaking too much. I knew God was in control and he would watch over Chance. And of course, little brother is ok 🙂

  2. DiningAndDishing

    What a beautiful rainbow! I absolutely love rainbows. I swear, no matter what is happening when I see a rainbow – I can’t help but stop and smile!

    – Beth @

  3. Hee hee, small deal, but big matter. That’s how God works most of the time.

    God showed Himself to me through my mother, who I talked to on the phone. I can get a smidgen of how His love is like through my mother’s love.

  4. Ice cream for breakfast; I love your style girl 😉
    What a beautiful rainbow! Today I was lying on the couch after breakfast with my kitten on my stomach. It was snowing just a teensy bit outside and I was so happy and so peaceful – I felt so blessed, and I knew God was enjoying my morning with me.

  5. Thank you for sharing your rainbow (gorgeous pic!)
    I always remember the story of Noah and think of all rainbows are promises from God.

    Whenever I see one I immediately look for someone, anyone nearby and say, “Look!..I always share rainbows”

    sometimes I get weird looks but most often God puts someone in my path who appreciates it.

    Yesterday in the car I saw a rainbow but by the time I parked and was in the lot…where I could share it, it was not visible…made me think that sometimes..God’s promisies are just for individual consumption.



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