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Dreamfarm & VEBO!

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A little while ago, Joanna and Dreamfarm contacted me informing me of this handy little tool that may be of use to me and the bunch of you readers who LOVE to be in the kitchen.   This adorable little squishy contraption is called a VEBO.  Vebo does it all from steaming to boiling to straining

Steaming vegetables is one of my favorite methods to cook them, but without the proper tools, it can end up being a total pain in the butt.  To my rescue, came the VEBO.  Make of premium-grade silicone, it is heat resistant up to 500ºF and is dishwasher safe!

It’s incredibly easy to use AND store.  Since its walls are flexible and rubbery, it can be compressed to fit in the tiniest spaces.  Obviously, it can fit into ANY pot as well, since it’s bendable.  It’s got two bright blue handles for easily transfering from pot to sink and little holes all over so that the water can drain easily.

Boil, strain, and serve straight to the plate!  It’s great because you’ll ultimately have less dishes to do, too!  There are two sizes, a little vebo and a big vebo.  You can find them in select stores, or order them online from their website for $29.95.  They are so neat and work like a charm.  Not to mention, they’re adorable and fun to use! 

Thanks so much, Dreamfarm & Joanna!  You can also check them out on Facebook and Twitter! They’ve got tons of other awesome kitchen gadgets that I’d like to get my hands on to try out as well and Christmas is just around the corner!  Check them out!



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  1. Steaming is really one of the best ways to cook food without destroying all the nutrients. I love steamed bread and veggies!

  2. Wow!! That’s pretty freaking awesome. But it can’t steam dough, can it? Because I’ve always wanted a steamer to make steamed buns and cakes.

    • Actually it can – Buns, dumplings, cakes – whatever. Just be careful if you are steaming anything in a sticky sauce because it could get tricky to clean.

    • You can absolutely use them to steam buns! I bought one of these a while ago from the and I use it to steam dim sims all the time because it has this sort of raised/false floor thing going on. I bought the little one which is great for me but I can only really use it to cook for a couple of people – wishing I’d gone for the bigger one now. Still love it though! Great concept.


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