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I know I have been totally behind lately with updating you on my life…but I figured living it was a little more important 😉  Not only has Christmas time got me running around like a chicken with my head cut off, but it’s finals week, and along with that, my new position is requiring much more attention than I had originally thought.  Not a bad thing, just busy. 

With that, I give you a brief synopsis of what the heck I’ve been up to.  Don’t worry, I still work in time for workouts and play time (pun intended).  But I’ll shut up now and let you see for yourselves!

My math final was last night and went surprisingly well.  My weekend didn’t leave me much time to study, but I was out from work yesterday with a sore throat, so I took advantage and studied my little heart out.

Speaking of the weekend, here are some events that took place.  The surrogates took me to see a play at Christian Life Assembly which was absolutely wonderful.

The play took us back to the nifty 50’s and the church was decorated with lots of things to bring back old memories for the older folks attending.

The play was well written and actually totally extravagant.

This was no low cost production, I can assure you.I wish I had some video, because the vocals were astounding.  I had never been to a church play that was so well done.

Complete with snow machines and all!

Don’t worry, my intense busyness hasn’t affected my ability to eat.  It has affected my ability to photograph EVERY meal though.  Here are some of the eats I found on my camera throughout the past few days.

This gorgeous breakfast starter was courtesy of Tumaro’s Gourmet Healthy Flour tortillas!  I received a huge beautiful package of them in the mail the other day and have been putting them to use ever since!  This one was stuffed with strawberries and Walden Farms calorie free chocolate syrup.

This one was cole slaw mix with Fat Free Poppyseed dressing, diced apples, and edamame! I had a chicken sausage with it, too.

My Dad’s whole family went out Sunday night for a dinner together at Ruby Tuesday’s in honor of my Pap Pap’s birthday on the 10th.  Needless to say, I was pretty stoked about the choice in restaurant, considering they’ve got a bangin’ salad bar.

Stacked high with all the fixin’s.  Baby spinach, broccoli, zucchini, beets, shroomies, tomatoes, grapes, cottage cheese, edamame, peas, chickpeas and balsamic vinegar. TIMES TWO.

M0re important that the delicious array of veggies, was the company.  Morgs sucked down 4 of their mango teas. Haha. What a champ 😉

Randa is going to kill me for posting this picture.  Then again, she never reads the blog, so I think I’m safe 🙂

Another thing I didn’t skimp on was the workout time.  I know that I need that time to myself and I enjoy most of every single sweat session.

 Anyway, that’s where my life has been lately.  I hope you all are geared up and in the Christmas Spirit!  I feel like it’s coming at me SO quickly!  So much to do that I need little reminders here and there to keep my priorities straight.

REMEMBER JOY, as my Momma says:

1st – JESUS
2nd – OTHERS

What’s your life like these days?  Enjoying the spirit of the time of year or busy as all getout?




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  1. Busy busy girl!! Hope everything calms down for you soon! I have JOY written all over my notebooks, planners, diaries, basically anythig I can write on lol I love what it stands for, and it is so perfect for what Jesus taught. Put others before yourself for sure, especially in the holiday season. Its the time to give 🙂

  2. Wow, the show at Christian Life Assembly looks AMAZING! And one of the women in your pictures looks totally familiar to me!

  3. Wow – I guess you’re really running like a chicken these days!
    Congrats on your Math test – I’m sure you did great 🙂
    And loved the salad – I wish I could find more restaurants with great salad bars where I live, hehe.
    Wish you a wonderful week, girl!

  4. Toly and I were just talking about the CLA Christmas play. We both really wanted to go this year but never got a chance. LOVE these plays, they do such a fantastic job.

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