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A little while back, some sweetheart named Brittany sent me an email introducing me to a company that I had never heard of before that sells “superior quality teas”.  While I consider myself more of a coffee lover, I was definitely not opposed to trying some of them out with an open mind.  Teatulia practices natural farming in their tea gardens.  No pesticides, machinery or unnatural irrigation are used in the cultivation.  Teatulia Tea comes direct to you from their single garden in Northern Bangladesh’s Tetulia region.

The packaging itself is impressive.  Teatulia really emphasizes renewability as well, which I love.   They use sustainable packaging consisting of compostable tubes, labels made from post-consumer paper, water-based inks and dyes, and biodegradable silken pyramid tea bags.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I didn’t LIKE tea before, but these teas were different…exceptional, if you will.  Teatulia teas are 100% organic, ultra premium, hand-picked, single estate tea from Bangladesh.  The differing result in the little cup that I brewed myself EACH time was astounding.  In the past, I had associated tea with a somewhat bland taste.  One that was calming, but not a huge winner in the flavor department.  Not anymore!

I got to try out four of the flavors, the first being GINGER.  The aroma should’ve been the first indication to me that this tea wasn’t just any old tea.  The aroma alone was spicy and bold!  I added some Splenda and Unsweet Almond Breeze because I LOVE milky tea and the combination was phenomonal.  It was great for after dinner as a dessert!

My second fave, the Bengal Breakfast Tea was a buttery cup of heaven.  It actually had a subtle sweetness to it even without sweetener.  Of course, I did add a touch of honey for extra sugary goodness, but I could see myself enjoy it solo as well.  I reccomend dipping your toast in it 🙂  The nutty taste compliments it well!

This tea is totally refreshing.  It was stronger than I expected, but in a good way!  Other Black Teas I’ve tried before hadn’t tasted much different that the typical, but this one stood apart.  Definitely a good one for the morning as well!  I loved mixing some sugar free caramel syrup into this one!

Lastly, there’s the White Tea, made from the youngest parts of the tea leaf.  This one was delicate and sweet.  It was very mild, so if you don’t like strong teas, this one is for you.  Perhaps a nice mid-afternoon snack? 

Overall, I’d give Teatulia two thumbs up!  They’ve got other tea flavors to choose from as well, such as Green Tea, Lemongrass, Tulsi Infusion, Neem Nectar, and Earl of Bengal.  Right now, Teatulia is giving you 20% off your orders in honor of Christmas! Just use promo code: “holiday1020” at checkout!

Brittany at Teatulia has actually offered the readers a giveaway as well!

If you win, you will receive your choice of THREE LARGE CANISTERS of tea!  Here are the ways to enter:

1.  Visit the Teatulia website and sign up for their newsletter – It will even give you 20% off each month!

2. Leave a comment letting me know which flavor sounds most appealing to you.

3. Leave a comment letting me know you linked back to this post on your blog!



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  1. Love me some tea!! I want either the green or ginger. You cant go wrong with green tea and I have never had ginger tea before!!

  2. I’d love to try their ginger tea!

  3. Signed up for their newsletter. Great giveaway!

  4. the ginger tea sounds amazing! i drink ginger all the time but have never tried this brand. i love their website and would love to try it 🙂 thanks!

  5. The Bengal Breakfast Tea and White Tea sound good to me. Pick me Pick me 🙂

  6. GREAT GIVEAWAY! hope i’m not too late! Bengal breakfast, white and maybe the lemon grass!

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