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Take Your Bloggers To Work Day.

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I decided that today is the day I bring you with me to work…exciting, right? 🙂

Most days I’ve already eaten breakfast when I arrive at work, but sometimes if my appetite isn’t raging when I wake up, I save it for my desk.  Today was one of those days.  After a 1/2 mile walk in the cold (which I actually enjoy, usually), I arrived at my cubicle.

My desk is basically a montage of my sisters and I.  Okay, so I’ve only got two pictures up so far, but give me a break I’ve only been here for about a month now.

And of course, my Victoria’s Secret, PINK energizing body lotion with organic citrus & mint.  Perfect for slathering up dry, cracked hands in the winter time.  As much as I use the restrooms since I sip on water all day, it’s a good thing I have a full bottle within arms reach.

And yes, you found my office tea stash.  It’s hidden in the corner.  My drink of choice, Vanilla Caramel Bigelow Tea and Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride!  How seasonally appropriate.

1/2 sweet tater + 1 small diced apple with sugar free vanilla Torani and cinnamon topped with Hillary’s famous homemade granola sprinkles.

While I chowed down on this sweet brekkie, I read my daily devotional at my desk.

After the daily devotional, it’s time to pump out some paperwork.  I’m in Human Resources, so it’s a constant, neverending process of paperwork.  It keeps me pretty busy, especially in the morning and before I know it, lunchtime rolls around and my bright purple lunchbox comes out.

I packed a light flat out with baby spinach and canned pumpkin to accompany my cole slaw salad with edamame and raisins, mixed with plain greek yogurt + vinegar/splenda.

After work began chocolate fest 2010.  I had a banana covered in Walden Farms calorie free chocolate, and then a deep chocolate vita top with more syrup.

Don’t judge. 🙂  Typically I’m a vanilla kind of girl, but chocolate was calling out to me.

Then I hit up the basement for a nice Shaun T abs workout with some ellipticalling and biking intermixed while watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

I really enjoy my set up downstairs.  It’s like my own personal home gym.

608 cals burned, max hr 160.

Not as intense as a basketball practice, but it did the trick.  Afterward, I rewarded myself with this:

More delicious than any photo could ever depict.  Justin’s chocolate almond butter packet.  You can bet your bottom dollar I ripped it open and licked out the inside after I squeezed out all I could squeeze.

Cukes, tomato, red pepper, & carrots coated in Annie’s fat free mango dressing

 A quick shower, some more eats and I was off to the littlest seesters’ band concert at my old high school. 

She plays the flute and is actually quite good!  She looked beautiful up on stage, although you can barely see her in this photo. 

She’s getting way too old.  I remember when she was just a baby!  My cousins, Dawson and Paige also played in the younger band which played prior to my sister’s group.  Paige is the one in the Santa hat 🙂

When I got home, my phone battery was dead, so I don’t have a photo, but I had some fat free cottage cheese and some cinnamon/splenda chickpeas for “dessert“.

Hope you all enjoyed a day in the life 😉



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  1. Very nice post. My desk is very similar to yours and the chocolate on the banana or chocolate on anything looks great.

  2. Thx for bringing me to work 🙂 I can’t wait to try those teas!! They look beyond delicious

  3. Ahh I love day in the life posts!!! This is great 🙂 Cinna/splenda chickpeas?? What what?? I want to try that!

  4. WOAH! i what a workout! your basketball workouts must be INSANELY difficult then!

  5. That salad looks yummy~!

    Also, how is that walden farm’s chocolate syrup? I always wonder about that stuff lol. Does it taste funky or actually chocolately?

  6. So nice of you to bring us to work with you! And what a lovely surprise to see Bigelow’s Vanilla Caramel tea at your office. Thanks for sharing and for enjoying our teas!
    -Deb for Bigelow Tea


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