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GOMacro Bars!

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GoMacro kindly decided to send me a little Christmas gift in order to write up a review!  They’ve got a wonderful thing going for them in that they are ultimately a BIG PICTURE company which features sustainable packaging which contain healthful, wholesome snacks.

They use high quality ingredients and whenever possible they source ingredients from small growers that abide by fair and safe standards for both workers and the environment.  They don’t use refined sugars or flours. The bars are sweetened with natural sweeteners, brown rice syrup, maple syrup and agave nectar.   LOVE THAT.

These sweeteners take longer to digest, thus avoiding the blood-sugar spikes associated with refined sugars.  The fats in GoMacro food are healthy fats derived from nuts and seeds containing omega 3 fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. Carbs are complex carbs from whole grains. These are slow-burning carbs that boost energy levels throughout the day. Protein comes from brown rice protein which provides all the essential amino acids – a great high protein alternative to animal products and soy.

I got to try out a few of the flavors, including Cashew Caramel, which was my favorite, Peanut Protein, and Chocolate Peanut.

The texture of these bars reminded me a lot of the GoodOnYaBars that I tried a little while ago, but I liked the flavors a little bit better!  They weren’t quite as nougat-tasting. 

I’m in LOVE with the ingredients lists too.  For each bar, they were fairly similar.  I had never been a huge fan of cashew butter, but this bar was fabulous.  Maybe the cashew flavor was just complimented so well with caramel that it changed the whole taste of the bar!

 The other two that I got to sample were pretty good too.  They were a little sticky for my taste, and I really enjoy a good crunch, which these didn’t have, but I won’t complain!  They were definitely tasty!  And a very good healthy alternative to a candy bar!  I also felt super energetic after consuming one.  Sustainable energy is important for athletes, and these were simple to throw in my gym bag before practice to give me some fuel.

Thanks, MacroBar!


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  1. I love that I know what every single ingredient on the ingredient list is! No chemicals or additives – good news! 🙂


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