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Daily Archives: January 3, 2011

So Many Events, So Little Time!

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New Year’s Day was on a Saturday this year, so our holiday that we had off work was New Year’s Eve!  Totally convenient, right?!  I started off my day with a wonderful workout while watching Sweet Home Alabama, hanging out with Shaun T (Insanee Abs), and a little biking while checking out my Facebook.

833 calories burned and 176 max HR

 The rest of the day, I spent time cleaning and organizing my room because I wanted to ring in the New Year with neatness.

I decorated with cute, glass plates that I received for Christmas.  Displaying most of the jewelry that wouldn’t fit in my hanging, collaged box on the wall.

And I had also picked up an over the door hanger for all of my hats, scarves, and accessories that had once been stowed away in an ugly plastic container.

Much better!

I breaked somewhere in between breakfast and dinner for some roasted veggies and a delicious lunch.

Roasted yellow pepper, baby bellas *loving them right now!*, and broccoli!

Accompanying this gorgeous plated vegfest, I had a baby sweet tater with cinnamon & splenda, followed by some fat free cottage cheese 🙂

Like how I reuse dishes?  It was actually pleasant to get little remnants of sweet tater mixed with my cottage cheese 😀

Before I knew it, the party was starting at our house.  Prior to the New Years’ Eve celebration, we had a get together for our friend, Brad who is leaving for the Air Force. 

I’m not a fan of cake, so I didn’t have any, but the crowd seemed to love it!  I went with some Belgian Biscuit NewTree Chocolate bar instead.  OH man.  My favorite!  I found it at Target and decided to try it out, since I had a giftcard 🙂

Check out the ingredients!! ❤  These bars have 30% less sugar and 3x more fiber!  PLUS, the added flax seeds give it some healthy Omega-3s!

Here’s a picture of my littlest sister & Brad’s brother, JD.  They’re best buds.

For dinner, I had some hard boiled eggs filled with Forty Spices hummus. 

Think deviled eggs, only MUCH healthier!  No mayo or saturated fats from the egg yolks included 🙂 Delish.

I also had another plate of roasted goodness for dinner.

Roasted butternut squash, summer squash, red peppers, broccoli, and mushrooms.

Oh yeah…there was cauliflower too!  And some light Ragu for dippage 🙂  Also eaten with an unpictured Golden Corn Vitatop

Anyway…the rest of the night, the entire extended family came over along with family friends and neighbors.  We spent time playing games and counting down the hours until midnight all together. 

Scrabble is a favorite of mine…or any other word game for that matter.  I can’t help it.  I’m a word nerd 🙂  Any other peeps out there that get the “word of the day” on their cellular? Haha.

The kids were so cute to watch.   They were trying SO hard to stay awake until the ball dropped.  They were PUMPED!  I was ready for bed 🙂 Lol.  Grandma status; yeah.

After midnight, I went directly to my nice, clean room and slept like a baby for the first time in 2011.


Happy New Year, everyone!