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Daily Archives: January 4, 2011

More Recapping From The Weekend!

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This message hit me in the head like a ton of bricks.  It’s so funny how sometimes God talks to us in a whisper, and sometimes he uses a megaphone.  This was a megaphone moment for sure! There has been a lot of wondering lately why God can’t just make things easy.  Tell me where He wants me, give me the kind of relationships I need, and when I need it.  How selfish does that sound?!  I mean, my reliance on Him would probably unintentionally fly out the window if He gave me everything I needed now. For some reason, I had been reluctant to run outside for awhile now.  I’m not sure why, but the fact that my sciatic nerve being damaged really left a bitter taste in my mouth, and subconsciously, I’m pretty sure I blamed it on outdoor running.

This weekend, we reunited and it felt so good 🙂  I wore a neon orange headband so that no hunters would mistake me for a deer. Ha. 

But rewind a second, because I forgot to show you my breakfast!

Baked Banana Bread Oats With Peanut Butter Vanilla Icing

  • 1/3 C. oats
  • 1 banana (1/2 mashed in, 1/2 sliced ontop)
  • 1/3 C. fat free milk (I ran out of unsweet almond breeze)
  • cinnamon
  • sugar free vanilla Torani
  • 1 eggwhite

I simply mixed together all of the ingredients and microwaved them on low for about 5 minutes.  You could bake it in the oven, but I didn’t want to use all that electricity just for one little ramekin.  Energy efficiency, people.

For the icing, I mixed together:

  • 1/2 scoop vanilla Optimum Nutrition protein powder
  • 1 tbsp. Justin’s maple almond butter
  • and thinned it with water before pouring over the oats.

    Mmmm.  I order you to try it.  😀  You’ll thank me, I promise.

    Afterward, I downed a Chobani, which the kind folks over at the company sent me as a Christmas gift!  I’m pretty sure pineapple and strawberry are deemed my faves.  I do love the plain though, as well!  Thank you CHOBANI!  You rock 😉

    After the run, I did a little core work on my Ab Circle and got a shower to start getting ready for church.

    We’re starting a new series for 2011 at CLA!  I’m really excited about it.  It’s all based around HEALTHY LIVING…It’s even been named “Live Well“.

    After church, I went home and made a delicious lunch.

    Forty Spices Tribe hummus wrap with avocado mash, alfalfa sprouts, and sliced tomato on a wheat Tumaro’s Soy Full tortilla

    And on the side, an entire can of cut green beans 🙂

    The afternoon consisted of my sisters and I assembling a gingerbread house.

    Alright, I’m lying.  It was already assembled, but we did a mighty fine job decorating it! 

    I think we will go with the already assembled from now on…if you remember last year, we had a rough time keeping the one with all the pieces together! 

    This year, it was already but together and the icing was already mixed, too!  It was super easy and much less stressful.  After all, isn’t decorating the most fun part of the experience anyway?


    You mean it’s more fun to let your Momma hold your little sister down while you smear icing on and decorate her face instead?

    🙂  Love you, Morgs.  Thanks for being such a good sport.

    Even after the icing war, I was pretty pleased with the way our little ginger house turned out. 

    We made a gumdrop roof, icing icicles, a candy wreath, and a little Christmas tree our front for all the neighbors to enjoy 😀

     After all the excitement, Momma and I went to visit Bran, Jare, and Baby Bowman at their apartment.  I went grocery shopping when I got home, and then made dinner as well.

     Roasted butternut squash fries, sliced zukes, shroomies, broccoli, and yellow pepper with light Ragu for more dippage.

    Don’t ask me why, but lately, nothing tastes better to me than roasted veggies with a little salt & pepper.  Some people commented asking how I make them.  I just spray the whole sheet with Pam, slice up the goods, spray them with Pam, sprinkle with salt & peppa, and roast in the oven at about 375-400º until crispy. 


    The rest of the night I enjoyed some relaxing vocals from Michael Buble.  Another Christmas gift 🙂 

    I also ordered basketball sneakers, since I have been playing in running shoes (probably not the best for my ankles or my sneaks!)

    Pretty basic, but that’s what I like.  They’re And1 incase you can’t tell.

    I obviously ate more than was pictured, because let’s face it.  That wasn’t a lot of food for as much as I ran this morning.  I also had two apples, some NewTree chocolate, a protein shake (more on that tomorrow!), and some slices of bread with hummus/fat free strawberry cream cheese!