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Daily Archives: January 7, 2011

Mix & Matcher.

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First off, thanks so much to all of your sweet comments on yesterday’s post about being a blessing…you have NO idea what kind of blessing you all have been in my life as well.  Thanks for being some of the best friends a girl could as for.

Today, an apple butter cottage cheese blizzard was on the menu for brekkie…you know, since they’re calling for snow and all 🙂

1 C. fiber select + 3/4 C. fat free cottage cheese + 1.5 tbsp. no sugar added apple butter + a splash of unsweetened vanilla almond breeze

I also had a little glass ramekin of about 3/4 C. frozen sweet red cherries which I microwaved until warm and juicy.

The vibrant color cheered me right up 🙂  As did this devotional

I really want to start STRIVING to grow closer to God this year.  That’s one of my biggest goals.  I always use my car ride to work worshipping Him, but I really lack in my scripture reading and just spending time with Him in general. 

Just a shot to show you how dismal I can become while I’m sitting at my desk at work…haha.  I sometimes feel as though I’m staring at my computer screen for hours…it’s a good thing I drink 203984209348 tons of water so that I’m constantly up and down to run to the restroom 🙂  It’s best for my sanity, believe me.

Lunchtime finally rolled around and I was excited to try one of the favorite foods in the blog world for the first time!

1/3 C. quinoa + steamed broccoli + canned mushrooms + 1 tbsp. nutritional yeast + 1/4 C. lima beans

YUM.  I certainly didn’t know how much I was missing out on without quinoa in my life.  It gave me a tonnn of energy and is a total superfood. 

After work and before the gym, I also had a blueberry Chobani

I always thought that I needed whole grains before a workout to give me some carby power, but this yogurt did the trick SO well!  I think since the fruit in it has some good carbs as well along with the cane sugar, it gave me a lil push!

Before practice, I had some time to burn…in the fitness center, all of the cross ramps and ellipticals were taken, so I opted for the bike.  At first, I attempted the stepper machine, but for some reason I couldn’t get it to work correctly.  I did a quick 20ish minutes and then some floor ab work.  I forgot my heart rate monitor, but I’m thinking I burned a total of about 800 calories, if not more between practice and the gym.  We were playing full court for about 40 minutes and running some tough drills, too.

I packed some chickpeas and baby carrots to munch on during the car ride home so that when I reached the kitchen, I wasn’t ready to chew my arm off.  Healthy snacks are ALWAYS a good idea for this girl…especially since my metabolism is totally rev’d up!

1/2 ww. light english muffin with 1 tbsp. forty spices hummus

I’m a little disappointed that my bball sneaks still haven’t arrived…the tracking system said they should’ve!

Dinner was pretty boring, to be honest.  I’m running low on veggies, so I just took all the ones I had in the fridge, plated them, and drizzled with balsamic vinegar…oh yeah, and I cooked up some onion…not much flavor, though…I was disappointed.

I also tried to whip up some egg white french toast pancakes (5 eggwhites, sugar free vanilla torani, and cinnamon), but you can see how that turned out…total fail…I realized as they were cooking that I forgot to whip in some baking powder. 

One success I DID have at dinner was this awesome Cherry Cordial Protein Shake.

1/2 C. frozen sweet dark cherries, 1 scoop scivation chocolate whey powder, 1/2 C. unsweet vanilla almond breeze, 1 tbsp. unsweet cocoa powder

Things that escaped my camera:

  • other 1/2 of my lite ww english muffin with ff s.berry cream cheese
  • a finger swipe of chocolate almond butter
  • a few sugar free jelly bellys
  • 1/4 avocado eaten straight up
  • spoonful of fat free ricotta cheese with sugar free boysenberry jam

I like allowing myself to mix and match foods.  I rarely have an actual meal that goes together.  Sometimes it’s nice to have a sit down meal all at once, but I’m more satisfied when I hit each and every craving.

What about you?  Do you enjoy more of a sit down, meal of things that all work together to create a meal, or do you like a little of this and a little of that?