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Daily Archives: January 11, 2011

I Am New.

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I was really thinking hard about this song after picking apart the lyrics.  Today on K-Love, they were chatting it up about how we look in the mirror and only see our faults.  God looks at us and sees a beautiful creation that has His “made in heaven” sticker imprinted on us:)  How neat is that?  Next time you’re feeling like you don’t measure up, try to grasp that concept.  The GOD OF THE UNIVERSE made you and loves you more than anything…in fact, even if it had been JUST YOU on this Earth, he would’ve sent his ONLY Son to die on the cross for your sins. 

“Now, I won’t deny the worst you could say about me,
but I’m not defined by mistakes that I’ve made because God says I’m me,
I am not who I was, I’m being remade, I am new
I am chosen and holy and I’m dearly loved, I am new
Who I thought I was and who I though I had to be,
I had to give them both up, cause neither were willing to ever believe
I am not who I was, I’m being remade I am new
Forgiven, beloved, hidden in Christ, Made in the image of the Giver of life
Righteous and holy, reborn and remade, accepted and holy,
This is our new name”

Breakfast this morning was creamy and delicious.  It was a simple oatcake (1 egg white, 1/3 C. oats, sugar free vanilla torani, and cinnamon microwaved) but the icing was out-of-this-world good.  This time, I used fat free cream cheese and mashed it up with some sugar free syrup.  It tasted JUST like sweet cream cheese that you’d find ontop of a carrot cake!

Around 9:30ish, I had a golden delicious for my mid-morning snack.  Almost everyday I have an apple at this time while sitting at my desk sorting through paperwork.  I’m the only certifier in Public Welfare, so many times, I’ve got stacks and stacks of things to do on my desk.  I like staying busy!

 Also, I’m on a mission to stay away from most soy products, due to the fact that they really affect my thyroid levels.  My medicine is seriously affected by soy, so I’m doing my best to stick with real meats.  Unfortunately, some of my favorite foods are soy burgers, veggie patch products, and edamame.

I did manage to put together a pretty delicious lunch though, even without those components! 

V8 broccoli soup (1 cup) + steamed broccoli florets for bulk, 1 grilled chicken breast with 1 tbsp. forty spices hummus + a squirt of ketchup and two tomato slices,

and some baby carrots on the side.  Then for lunch dessert, I had a slice of Pepperidge Farm 7 grain bread smeared with a touch of sugar free strawberry jam and fat free ricotta cheese.

The other half was saved for after work as a pre-workout snack.

After work, on my way to the gym, I had a Strawberry chobani and my other sweet sandwich half.

Again, before practice, I did the Cross Ramp for about twenty minutes followed by some planks and floorwork for my abdominals.

From the fitness center, I went to practice at 5PM.  It’s the day before a game, so we didn’t do anything too crazy.  We are working on a new defense that will be implemented in the next game, which is called a triangle and two.  Basically, one of the other guards and I will be playing two of the other team’s girls in a man defense, and the other three girls on our team will be in a zone defense.  It’s pretty simple.  Much easier to do than explain 😉

781 calories, max hr 178.  I had to hustle home afterward because it was girls’ night and my turn to host!  The show comes on at 8Pm, so everyone always arrives a little early.  There was dinner to be made and a shower to be gotten all in a matter of about 30 minutes!

While my veggies were roasting in the oven, I snacked on the last few slices of my chicken breast lunch meat.  

Along with some hard boiled egg whites with forty spices hummus.

FINALLY, they were finished.

Shroomies, broccoli, parsnips, and red pepper with salt n pepper seasoning with light ragu on the side for dippage.

Before I knew it, a crowd had gathered together at the house all to watch this schmuck date a bunch of women.

Momma FF had to go to the little seesters’ basketball game, but she had already prepped all the food for everyone and set it all up.

My friend, Heather from my math class actually made it this time!  I was really excited to see her!  We hadn’t gotten to hang out or chat since our last class!  Hopefully we’ll be able to stay in touch.  Facebook is a beautiful thing 🙂

A little while later, I had dessert.

Yeah, I know… repeat offender.  Whatevs.  It was awesome at breakfast and I wanted it again 😀  Along with this, I had a chocolate protein shake with 1/2 C. unsweet almond breeze and scivation chocolate powder.

There may or may not have also been 1 pack of sugar free jelly beans consumed too.

Oh, and this

RIP Justin’s.  I will look forward to the day that we meet again.  All of my packets are officially gone. 

On another note, make sure you enter Danica’s giveaway for a sweet homemade tshirt!

How was your Monday?  What are you looking forward to this week?