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Although I was a little disappointed that our game was cancelled for Saturday, since the other team didn’t have enough players, I soothed my sorrows with a breakfast that I’d been wanting to try since I saw it on Caitlin’s blog forever ago…that’s right, a grilled banana sandwich

(2 slices 12 grain pepperidge farm bread, 1/2 c. egg whites mixed with vanilla extract + cinnamon, 1 banana sliced, and some fat-free ricotta cheese + sugar free syrup ontop)

Sure, mine wasn’t as pretty as hers was, but it was completely delicious.  It kinda made up for the fact that I didn’t have a game to look forward to that day 🙂

Super filling, too!  I had speech communications class from 9AM to 11:50 and then practice from 12 until 2, so I packed a lunch to eat in transition.

(2 slices pepperidge farm whole grain bread, 1 with fat free strawberry cream cheese & one with Oscar Meyer chicken lunchmeat + forty spices hummus & baby spinach)

Plus, some icy pineapple.

Practice went pretty well, but there are a few girls who just started playing with us, so we had to go over allll of the play with them.  Since we already knew them, it got a bit tedious, but at least we got to play.

872 calories, 204 max hr(!!)

When I got home, I these busy bees were getting to work in the kitchen because we were having some friends over for a dinner party around 5.

On the menu was faux chicken parmesan, salad, steamed broccoli, and garlic crab stuffed mushrooms + crab dip for appetizers.

I was on shroom duty.  Mainly because I offered up my culinary skills (or Janetha’s, actually) and volunteered to make the recipe I saw on J’s page when she received the Chobani mitt!

Except, I had this secret ingredient from MarDona –> SWEET & HOT GARLIC CLOVES!  They sent me a whole bunch of goodies to try out and were super generous…another of which you’ll hear about later in the post…Phenomonal, I’m telling you. 

They turned out wonderfully and were a hit! 

Here’s my plate!  Roasted chicken breast with light ragu, steamed broccoli and a salad with 2 garlic crab stuffed mushrooms.

It was a fun Saturday night that ended with a viewing of “The Dark Knight“, which is in my opinion an awesome movie!

 The next morning,  I worked out before church.  Insane abs, biking, and the elliptical were my choices.  While I used the elliptical, I watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition on  Paula Deen was the celebrity volunteer for this episode and she cracked me up the entire time.  Food knowledge does not equal construction knowledge.

(1/3 C. oats, calorie free walden farms chocolate syrup, 1 egg white; icing = greek yogurt + sugar free vanilla syrup)

I made an oatcake for fueling, but this time before I mixed everything together, I blended the oats first.  It was much more cakelike this way!  I think it will continue to be the method I choose.  I had some frozen pineapple, too.

518 calories burned, avg HR 109

I jumped in the shower, got ready for church, and whipped up a pumpkiny green monster to sip on while I was rushing around doing my makeup and hair.

(3/4 C. unsweet vanilla almond breeze, 1/2 C. canned pumpkin, 3 ice cubes, handful spinach, 1/2 scoop vanilla whey protein + cinnamon)

YUM.  Refreshing and smooth.  It was the perfect addition to my oatcake for breakfast after a cardio workout.  Church this week was really cool.  As you may remember, Christian Life is doing a series on Living Well, and this week the message was all about physical health.

They’ve got a whole page dedicated to healthy recipes and lots of great sources for those that aren’t quite as educated in nutrition and wellness as they could be.

Church was finished around 12:30 and by the time I got to my car, I was glad that I had something packed!  I knew I would be running errands, so I threw together some leftovers from dinner the night before.

(A bed of greens (lettuce & spinach), carrots, tomato, cukes, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, and 1 chicken breast with a slice of 10 grain pepperidge farm bread with 1 tbsp. fat free strawberry cream cheese & some pineapple)

I couldn’t finish this all at once, but I knocked out the huge salad first.

You’re probably wondering what the mouth-watering glaze is that the entire salad was topped with…the truth is, a dressing MAKES a salad, but they get a bad reputation for having lots of calories and fat.  MarDona, as I said sent me some things from their product line to try out, including this amazing Cherry Balsamic Glaze.

 I had a hard time believing that this stuff was only 10 calories per serving.   SO flavorful and the perfect compliment to my veggies and chicken. 

 I got a few things at Target like notebooks to start my Spring semester, some NewTree Chocolate, and two cute shirts.

We had a STEELERS football party to go to Sunday night, so just had another green monster before we left.  My Dad actually was AT the game!

Hope you all had wonderful weekends!

Let me know some hilights!



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  1. I think your grilled banana sandwich looks delicious!!! 😀

  2. Ok seriously how do you get all these companies to send you amazing products?! I want some! Lol sorry you didn’t get to play. I HATE that feeling, especially when you are feeling ready to go! I’m totally making an oatcake for snack today 🙂

  3. aHH girlled naner!!! so jealoussssss and i LOVE BALSAMIC GLAZE!

  4. Oooh that grilled banana sammie looks fabulous!

  5. That Cherry balsamic glaze look great! I agree with you a dressing does make the salad and only 10 calories per serving?! YAY! 🙂

  6. holy cherry balsamic glaze. gimme! glad the mushrooms were a hit.

  7. Could you maybe do a post on how to make different versions of oat cakes?? Ive been wanting to make one SO badly but am not sure how. Thanks!!

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