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Ayala’s SPARKLING Herbal Water

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When the lovely Paige, from Ayala’s Herbal Water contacted me about a new product that the company was featuring, called SPARKLING WATER,  I couldn’t help but want to get my greedy mits on it stat. 

I’m a huge fan of flavored waters, but not so much of the artificial sweeteners contained in each bottle.  Love the bubbly, carbonated factor that these gourmet looking waters have to offer!  I got mine just in time for New Years’, so while everyone else was chugging the sugar laden champagne, I was enjoying a much more delicate, delightful drink.

They come in three different flavors:

Remember when I wrote about their line of regular waters?  These are just the same flavors, only with a hint of carbonation!  They are SUPER refreshing.  I kept mine in our garage to chill constantly!

Best of all, they’re CALORIE FREE.  JUST like regular water.  And they don’t contain trace calories like most flavored waters because they’re UNSWEETENED. 🙂

Here are some AWESOME drink ideas straight from the recipe page of their site!

Thanks again, Paige!  I love the new SPARKLING version of the classics!  You can buy some of your own bottles online, or check out the webpage where you can find out what stores in your area carry them!




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  1. Oh my gosh! I just saw this stuff at the store last week and I got the ginger lemon one! I was having stomach aches all day so I tried it hoping it would calm my stomach. It really did help I think! (Must be the ginger!)

  2. OHMYGOODESS!!! These look awesome!!!! Thanks for the review. 🙂

  3. Yea low cal vodka drinks! Love it!

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