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Snow Days = Awesome Breakfasts.

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Typically in the morning, I’m struggling to throw together the quickest, most uncomplicated, yet nutritious breakfast possible.  I never allow myself any extra time in the morning for creating a treat like stove top oatmeal.  

(1/3 C. quick oats – that I chose at the store by mistake!, 1/2 C. almond breeze, 1.5 C. water, 1/2 whipped banana + half sliced on top, and peanut flour paste from 1/4 C. peanut flour, 2 tsp. unsweet cocoa powder, sugar-free vanilla syrup, and water)

I had this brilliant idea to mix in cocoa powder with my peanut flour today to make a fake “dark chocolate dreams” peanut paste.  AWESOME.  All thanks to the fact that most of Central PA looks like this today

overnight  snow storm

And I didn’t make it in to work.

I had a Nutrition assignment to complete and send in by 7PM.  I’m not too sure about this whole, submitting projects online thing.  I hate that everything is so technologically dependant

After awhile, everyone was up and about.  Dad and I headed to get some groceries together at our local store.  Is it weird that I cherish each little outing that we have together?   

Even if he was on his cell most of the time…it was nice to be just hanging out with Pops.  We used to take a lot of trips together because of travel team basketball that I played, but times like that are few and far between anymore, as I’ve mentioned before.

Another win that comes along with snowdays = being able to cook on the stove for lunch!

Into my cooking pot went some water, chopped cabbage, kale leaves, yellow squash, mushrooms, a chicken broth boullion cube, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, and pepper.

 This had a mild flavor, which I really enjoyed.  It was warming and ideal for a snowy day lunch, alongside a grilled chicken breast with reduced sugar ketchup 😉

I also love the fact that the reflection off of the snow made my window-lit shots of my meals look so much more appealing!  Although, snow is SUCH a pain when you’re trying to get somewhere and make plans, I’m doing my best to just enjoy it.

I also had a slice of Forty Spices hummus soaked into Arnold 10grain bread.  This duo never gets old for me.

I meandered around the house, did some laundry, continued working on some Nutrition class projects, and did some other housekeeping things.  Truthfully, even on days off, I don’t like to plop in front of the TV and do nothing all day.  I get a bit stir crazy.

Snacking consisted of a mix of 1/2 C. banana nut and 1/2 C. chocolate Cheerios a little bit later with some Almond Breeze.  Chocolate covered bananas, anyone? 🙂

I figured, that since practice was cancelled, I could get a good sweat sesh going in the basement.  First up was Insane Abs, proceeded by some time on the elliptical while catching up on The Bachelor that I had missed the night before because of my game.

501 calories, max hr 197, 1 hour & 30 minutes & change

Not too bad for a workout in my basement, eh? 🙂

I wanted something refreshing afterward, so along with several chugs of water, I had some fat-free French Chocolate fro-yo from Breyers!

It was extra creamy and really hit the spot.  I was impressed with the nutritionals, too.  Only 90 calories in 1/2 C. with 0g fat.

 I got a shower and D came over for the remainder of the night.  The roads were terrible, so he spent the night.  We stayed up playing bananagrams and dutch blitz with the family…and I loved every second of it.

Somewhere along the lines, I ate a salad for dinner with some more cereal and an apple.  There isn’t any photo evidence, because usually when D is there, I forget about everything else…sorry, loves 🙂

What’s one thing that distracts YOU from your blogging responsibilities?  Do you feel guilty when you forget about photos?




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  1. LOVE mixing peanut flour with cocoa. I do it all the time 🙂 I cherish each moment I get with my daddy. He lives far, so whenever I’m with him I stay glued to his hip

  2. Oooh, I love catching up on tv shows while working out. Great combo!

  3. WOW what a workout!!! YAY on the bachelor 😀 and i love tha peanut flour cocoa combo!

  4. I ALWAYS use instant oats. My family buys them since they’re quicker, but next time we’re at the store I’m going to get regular, they hardly eat oatmeal anyway!

    I NEED a watch like that!!

  5. That’s an impressive workout reading if I’ve ever seen one! Your abs must be killer girl 😉
    I never make myself stovetop oats – I’m all for the ease of oat bran in the microwave, but sometimes on the weekends I’ll make stovetop oatmeal for Arc and I and it’s sooo yummy that I kick myself for not making it during the week.

    Then monday happens, hahaha.

  6. Ooh, that french chocolate fro yo is looking soooooo good right now.

    Hey, question for your. Have you tried your Polar HR Monitor in water yet? I finally got back in the pool today and did a half hour of laps. Wanted to wear my Polar, but was kind of nervous about it, even though it says it’s waterproof to 50 meters or something. Figured I’d get someone else’s opinion on it before I used it in the pool, but would love to see how many calories I’m burning with laps.

    • Hey girl! I haven’t tried my hr monitor in a pool yet! Although, I’d really like to start pool workouts soon. Especially once basketball is over. I would be pretty confident though, because I’ve left mine on to shower and stuff before and it has been fine. Make sure you keep your receipt handy and stuff incase something would happen to it, I’m sure you could take it back and tell them what happened!

  7. Do you wear your heart-rate monitor every time you workout? Is there one kind that you would suggest?

    • Almost! I can’t wear it for basketball games, and I sometimes forget to bring it to practice, but usually, yes! 🙂 I love my Polar f6 monitor, but I do wish I would’ve gotten one with a distance tracker like the Garmin’s have. I can’t see how many miles I’ve run or anything like that, which would be nice. That’s my only gripe, though!


  8. Chocolate Froyo I must try! All of Chicago was covered as well. It gave me a reason to make a chickpea Puree though and I really put a lot of thought into my late night snack and breakfast since classes were canceled. I love when I get the time to make my meals PERFECTO! Keep up those great workouts!

  9. I don’t get snow days, but it’s super cold and treacherous out, so surviving that distracts me! That and social situations where it’s not polite to snap photos 😉

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