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Ridiculously Delicious Marx Foods Challenge!

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Sooo, remember that time I entered to be a participant in the Marx Foods Ridiculously Delicious Challenge?! Wellll, good news, folks!  The votes were in, and yours truly is officially a contestant!

Challenge #1 consisted of a list of products.  The object was to choose three different components and write up a post about what you would do with them to make something ridiculously delicious, so here we go 🙂  Brace yourselves, this is gonna be good!


Kangaroo Burgers by the Case

I’m always up for trying something new, especially when the nutritional value and the description sound as enticing as these do!  The site says that it can be used in place of beef, so I would use them to whip up orange marmalade glazed burgers, which leads me to my next ingredient of choice.

 Choice #2: BLOOD ORANGES!


These babies look absolutely gorgeous, juicy and delicious.  Perfect for grinding up into a delectable burger-topping sauce.

Everyone knows that you can’t have a burger without fries, right?


Obviously, not your average spud! 🙂  I think these would make some amazing baked french fries, coated in extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt, & fresh ground pepper!  Not to mention, the beautiful purples would really make the meal colorful and exciting!

Whaddaya think, everyone?  Winning plate, right?! Leave some love on this post if you want me to make it through to the next round! 🙂



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  1. Great job girl!!! Wow. I have never seen so many different colors of potatoes before. I need to get me a purple potato! 🙂

  2. id totally go for the easiest and yummiest which would likely be the blood oranges..but the potato would be good too. ive had purple potatoes last summer from a local farm and they were pretty yums…not as good as the regular spuds IMO but not bad either!

    the kangaroo would freak me out a bit tho! lol


  3. Purple potatoes are Soooo good!! But I have to say I really love me some blood oranges too:) Your blog is so cute, I’m so glad I found you!! (btw I’m totally jealous of your red hair and freckles-you are adorable!) Can’t wait to read more of your blog:) Hope you’ll check out mine sometime too!

  4. Haha I have to admit, the kangaroo wouldn’t be my thing 😉

    But the blood oranges look tasty! And I bet those purple spuds would be delish. Good luck, girl!

  5. Congrats!! I have never had a blood orange but am so intrigued by them! Good luck! 🙂

  6. purple potato! that is so so crazy!

  7. DiningAndDishing

    Absolutely a winning plate!! Colorful and super tasty. You have my vote, for sure :).

    – Beth @


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