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Sweet Success.

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First off, thank all of you for your supportive and sweet comments on my post yesterday.  It’s going to be tough, but I think we’ll be fine 🙂  You blog friends are truly a blessing in my life.

[This photo was from a Superbowl party that we attended this weekend – isn’t he handsome?! I know, I’m a lucky girl]

Breakfast on gamedays usually consists of oats.  I’m a sucker for a good carb-protein ratio, such as the combo I’ve been noshing on lately.

1/4 C. peanut flour + sugar free vanilla Torani + water to thin,  1/3 C. oats ,  1 mashed banana, & 1/2 pack of raisins soaked in the fridge overnight.

Overnight oats are a beautiful thing.  The flavors really have time to blend together for a perfectly sweet beginning to my day. 

Lunch was eaten at my desk around 12PM, as usual.

2 slices 10 grain Arnold bread, oven roasted Oscar Meyer turkey breast, 1 Sonoma Jack’s light pepperjack cheese wedge, 1 tbsp. sugar free apricot jam

Veggies on the side were a sliced yellow pepper and some cucumbers

I really like to end my meal with something sweet and those peppers did the trick.

I knew I wouldn’t feel like eating anything before my game, so mid-afternoon, I had a new favorite snack.

Baby carrots with homemade cinnamon raisin peanut paste for dippage: 1/4 C. peanut flour, sugar free vanilla Torani syrup, cinnamon, and 1/2 pack raisins.

I’m pretty sure I’ll never buy a jar of peanut, almond, or any other nut butter again for that matter.  Peanut flour ROCKS.  And you can mix it up everyday with different ingredients!

After work, it was time to get ready for the big game!  A whole lot was riding on it…you know…like the LEAGUE championship

Have I mentioned how much I loveeee my team?! They are the sweetest group of girls I could’ve ever asked for.  We really enjoy playing together.

I prayed during the national anthem, and soon it was time for tip-off.

I get super focused and serious during games, paying no attention to anything around me except what’s going on, on the court.  There was a news crew there and everything!

We were actually down by 12 at half-time, which had us really worried.  My shot was really off and I couldn’t manage to find my groove.  We stuck it out and went on a good run starting in the third quarter with a full-court press. 

Eventually, we made a comeback and I actually ended up with 33 points.  I’m not sure how that’s possible, but I’m thinking a lot of them came from breakaway layups off of steals.  Our team put up an awesome fight and really came alive at just the right time.

After the game, I spoke with a newpaper reporter, gulped down this Isopure shake (which was yummy, btw!-review soon), and sped home to spend time with D.  I got a shower and we hung out the rest of the night.  I’m making sure I get the most time I can out of these next two days before he leaves, even if it means staying up until 2am and being exhausted the next day…the trade off is totally worth it 🙂

 What’s your favorite type of protein shake on the go?  I like the EAS chocolate ones the best, so far!




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  1. DANG so much delicious eats and action shots!! NO WAY peanut flour is good but nut btuters have amazing textures!! and they are discontinuing -NO!!

  2. Just wondering, what is Torani?

    • It’s actually a syrup that places like starbucks, etc. use to flavor their coffees! I use them for everything though…The sugar free has zero calories and can sweeten up ANYTHING. It’s a little bit like vanilla stevia drops, only a LOT cheaper!

  3. I like EAS chocolate protein shakes, too! Congrats on your game!

  4. Aww you two are just so adorable together!

    Congratulations on your game, girl!

  5. Way to go on that win girl! 🙂


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