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Enjoy Life Foods New & Improved Cookies!

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I’ve got a soft spot for baked goods, it’s true.  The more wholesome, the better, which is why Enjoy Life Foods’ new and improved cookies were a perfect fit for me!  Made with natural ingredients, unrefined sweeteners, no trans fats and nothing artificial, they’re a total hit in my household.

Those of you with food allergies to gluten or nuts don’t even need to worry about these, because they’re completely safe for you!

gluten-free, dairy-free, peanut-free, tree-nut free, soy free, egg free and casein-free

snickerdoodle cookies


You may think that since these cookies appear to be the ideal “healthy indulgence“, they may not be quite as moist or tasty as your average cookie…think again, my friend.  They’re totally moist, chewy, and soft.  They almost melt in your mouth!

My second favorite was the Snickerdoodle flavor!  Cinnamon-sugar never tasted SO good together.  Each cookie is only about 65 calories!

Check out those ingredients, too! Nothing shady in the mix 😉

Now for the richest, most decadent cookie in the line of cookies…Double Chocolate Brownie.  Please contain your drool.  If you are a chocolate lover, this cookie is for you.  It is literally stuffed full of chocolate chips which bring the cocoa powdered dough to a whole new level.  This is a real dessert.   

double chocolate brownie cookies

The photos don’t do the texture justice either, as beautiful as they are.  The actual cookies are super moist and have that “fresh baked” taste that is normally only found in homemade baked goods.

 Last, but not least, we’ve got Lively Lemon.  I was nervous about this one, as I am not a lemon fan, typically.  This cookie actually has lemon granules in it!  The bold, citrus flavor is actually rather charming, unlike what I thought it would be.  Perfect for pairing with tea!

Way to go, Enjoy Life Foods!  🙂  Another winning line of products! 

Guys, there are three other flavors that I didn’t get to try out – No-Oats Oatmeal Cookies, Gingerbread Spice and Happy Apple, which I would imagine are JUST as yummy as the others!  Check here to see where you can find them in your area!


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  1. Ohmygosh those sound UhMazing! 🙂

  2. We’re thrilled you like the cookies everyone! Also,check out the new products we’re bringing to your store shelves soon:

    – Alina Tylman
    Marketing Associate
    Enjoy Life Foods


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