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Valentine’s Day for me isn’t limited to the love for a significant other…I think we should all be celebrating the people we love in our lives.  Of course,  this post is a little behind, seeing as “the big day” was Monday, but I still feel like it needs to be said. 

(Breakfast: overnight oats – 1/3 C. oats, 1/2 mashed banana, 1/2 sliced banana, 1/4 C. peanut flour, in an almost empty apple butter jar, drizzled with 1/2 C. unsweet almond milk)

I’m happy for all of you who have found their perfect match and the opportunity to celebrate with them, but for those of you who didn’t, realize that there are SO many people in your lives that love you more than words can say.  I, for one, feel blessed to have such a supportive, tight-knit family.  My family doesn’t just consist of blood relatives.  

Friends of the family, teammates, co-workers, and classmates are all considered my brothers and sisters as well.  I think its important to LOVE PEOPLE. 

The world is much too cold of a place not to… even more importantly, to love strangers and people who treat us badly or take advantage of us…I mean, isn’t it easy to love the people who love us?  Anyone can do that…God challenges us to love our enemies and those people who persecute us.  I think it’s God’s will for us to constantly be showing ALL of the people around us His love…after all,

“We love because He first loved us” [1 John 4:19] 

So, enjoy your flowers and chocolate – or in my case, flowers & sugar-free jello 🙂

But I say, we make an effort to love people year-round.



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  1. amen sista! Im sick of people complaining about not having anyone to love. Seriously? Love your dog for crying out loud, just show love to SOMEONE!

  2. Ohh I never thought about oats in an apple butter jar… haha yumm! I had my banana soft serve out of my White Chocolate Wonderful PB Jar yesterday and it was heavenly 🙂

    It’s so true! I have so many people that I LOVE all around me!

  3. so beautiful! its so so true V-day isn’t just for couples.. its sharing love to EVERYONe even my puppy!!.. and well i do that all the time!

  4. Amen, sistah! It’s all about the love we have for the people that are in our lives. It’s not just about romantic love. Thanks for this post! Reading your blog is like giving my soul a much needed hug.

    Rock on!

  5. Yesyesyes! This is exactly how i feel about V-day… Not sure how well I said it in my V-day post but I definitely like valentine’s day as a general celebration of love. Many of my friends are cynical/were bitter about being single but I really do think it can be about a general love of the world that is SO important and worth celebrating on any day, though v-day is as good of an excuse as any 🙂

    thanks for spreading the love ❤

  6. random but are comments just on moderation or something because on ALL the sites I frequent my comments haven’t been showing up… it might be a coincidence though 😉

  7. Sami, I couldn’t agree more! You are SO right! Love this post!

  8. AMEN!!!

    Your oats in an apple butter jar look AMAZING! 😀 I have got to try that! 😀


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