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Wow, God.

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Daily Devotional:

Yet another peanut flour & banana breakfast was on the menu this morning.  This time, Kashi took part in the meal, providing seven whole grains from these waffles 🙂

23g of whole grains, 6g fiber and 560mg of beneficial ALA Omega-3

Wafflewich, anyone?  Common, I know Holly and I aren’t the only ones obsessed with this combo. 

When I went outside to leave for work, I had a “WOW, God” moment.  Sometimes, His creations just astound me and stop me dead in my tracks.  Don’t you love moments like that?  From this second, I knew today was going to be a good day.  I was going to MAKE it one.  Life is too short not to be joyous 🙂

I did forget my gloves for the walk to work, so my fingers were icicles by the time I arrived at my building, but they thawed quickly.  *Note to self: Paint your fingernails.

Around 10am on our morning break, a girl at my office and I decided that the sun was shining enough to take a walk.  We took a lap around the Capitol building into downtown Strawberry Square and headed back.  It was great to get some fresh air.  Spring is soon here!

Not sure what exactly inspired this lunch today, but it was good, never-the-less.

Of course, the mix of greens was fabulous, but my favorite part was the spaghetti squash that I topped the romaine with!  It meshed well with the Balsamic Glaze that I used for dressing.

Shredded romaine, cucumbers, snap peas, lima beans, sketti squash, and orange pepper drizzled with raspberry balsamic glaze

For protein and carbs, I incorporated a new-to-me snack.

They’re kind of like rice cakes, only lighter.  I got the “Apple Cinnamon” flavor and crumbled a few up.  Into my bowl of fat-free cottage cheese & cinnamon they went. 

3/4 C. fat free cottage cheese + cinnamon & 3 crumbled Crispy Wheats

Again, the sunshine through the windows teased Amber and I all afternoon, so guess what we did on our 3PM break?

Yep, another lap around the Capitol building.

When I got back to my desk, I had a note from my “work hubby” haha.  One of my guy friends that actually started working for the State at the same time I did, always jokes that “if he wasn’t married”…

Completely innocent, I can assure you.  But it was a nice little pick-me-up to get a note from a friend.  The only person I really look forward to hearing from during the day is D, though.  When he first got to Germany, I heard from him about twice a day, which was awesome.  Lately, I feel like I’m lucky to get a message.  I know it should be expected…and it is, it’s just hard because I’m constantly wondering what he’s doing and how he is.  Funny how one of D’s messages can make or break my day…I don’t know that it’s such a good thing

 I had a juicy, fuji apple for an afternoon snack.

Work stayed busy, and at 4pm, I hurried out the door to get to a basketball meeting that coach had called.  It was really good to see all the girls again.  We haven’t gotten together since our State Championship game, and I’ve missed them.  I found out lots of things: A- There is going to be a formal awards banquet in May; B- We are going to start having open gyms again (thank God!); C- We get to participate in a summer league!; and D- At the request of someone at Fort Indian Town Gap, we will be scrimmaging an Army team of girls from all around the country on March 19th!

When I got home, I had a taco-themed sandwich for dinner.

2 slices whole wheat bread, 1/4 smashed avocado, 1/4 C. fat free refried beans and 2 tbsp. Pace salsa

I’m not a fan of “light” breads, like this stuff which was only 45 calories per slice, but it was on its last leg, so I used it up…toasted, of course, to avoid the staleness. 

The rest of dinner was a veggie feast.  Roasted broccoli, squash, zucchini, mushrooms, and parsnips with light Ragu and Cedar’s tzatiki dippers.

After dinner, I got to working on my fitness in the comfort of my basement.  First up, Shaun T and insane abs and then some biking and elliptical.  I guess I should probably change up my routine.  Any suggestions?


Biggest Loser was the entertainment of choice on this particular night.  Totally inspirational the frame of mind changes that these people go through.  On this episode, the contestants got to go home for 2 weeks and when they came back, they had to run a 5k.  Hulu rocks, by the way.

346 calories, 1:36:10, max HR 155

I cut it kinda short tonight.  I was just tired and wasn’t feeling it, so I stopped, got a shower, ate an orange, and watched American Idol with my Dad.  I only saw one person sing, but she was definitely the best. 

She was given a standing ovation and completely deserved it.  I knew bootcamp at 5am would come early, so I got to bed at a reasonable hour…probably around 11ish, but beforehand, I had a green monster.

3/4 C. Unsweetend Vanilla Almond Breeze, sugar-free vanilla syrup, huge handful baby spinach, 1/4 C. canned pumpkin and a dash of peanut flour

It was a good, good day.  I hate that I feel like I’m on a constant emotional roller coaster, even though I’m pretty good at hiding it and acting like I’ve got it all together when I interact with people.  I get frustrated with the fact that I don’t always feel appreciative for the hand I’ve been dealt and for the people I love in life.  Maybe it’s a fault of mine that I keep myself so busy in order to avoid dealing with those feelings?  Can anyone relate?

In other news, check out Blyss’s awesome SHOT GLASS giveaway!  She’s got an ETSY shop, too! 🙂



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  1. Ok now I’m like starving for lunch haha. I’ve tried those rice-cake-like things but I didn’t get apple cinnamon, I just got the plain variety. I think I should have gotten the flavored ones because the plain ones were pretty bland!

  2. How awesome that you have a work friend who leaves you nice notes 🙂 I so know what you mean about a messgae that can make or break your day. Some days I can be having just the worst day ever, but one text from my hubby and it all seems to turn around 🙂

  3. This Italian Family

    Okay so first of all – that wafflewich looks incredibly yummy!

    Second, I know what you mean about “Wow God” moments. I actually had one earlier this week driving to work watching the sunrise. Gorgeous.

    Third, I too really need to paint my nails…

    And finally, I’ve definitely been there with the whole keeping myself so busy that I don’t have to deal with emotions. Unfortunately those emotions always caught up to me. But time always helped. And scripture. I especially have loved Isaiah 41:13 – “For I am the Lord, your God, Who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, ‘do not fear, I will help you’.” Love ya, Sami!

  4. The wafflewich. I haven’t yet tried it, but it looks like a COMPLETE success. hoooorah!

    AND, I completely relate to your business to avoid emotions. I’m a much happier person when I’m too busy to delve into my thoughts these days!

    Ain’t no shame, pretty thang. 🙂 xoxo

  5. movesnmunchies

    LOVE your waffle sammie!!! and that is awesome news about the bball stuff- i used to LOVE open gyms!! i totally am the same with my emotions- i just dont have the energy to worry about them all the time– im better when I can just spend my time doing other things!

  6. I still haven’t tried peanut flour, am i totally missing out on life or what? 😦 lol

  7. Those “rice cake” things sound really good-yummyumm apple cinnamon! Omg I love Wafflewiches though! Especially Kashi..everything kashi rocks:)

  8. squigglefloey

    Thank God for Hulu, right? I don’t know where’d I’d be without Hulu during finals week 🙂 hehe. And I love little pickmeup notes like that. I try to leave them for my mom when I’m home from school as much as possible. They’re heartwarming 🙂

  9. YAY for roasted veggies! 😀

    Your breakfasts are always so delicious! 😀 I love your wafflewich! 😉


  10. I too love wafflewiches. And being able to watch shows on things like hulu. I don’t think I ever watch anything when it actually comes on anymore. LOL

  11. pb + banana forever! i am still intrigued by the peanut flour granola concoction you talked about when you left a comment on my blog. must. try. that.

    happy weekend!!

  12. This is really beautiful. I like the term “WOW, God” moment instead of “Ah-Ha!” … the sun has been out more than usual here lately and on Friday when i was walking home from church i went by the beach and the sun was just beaming felt so warm and comforting. I got lost in a trance looking over the ocean and the beauty of it was emotional trying to take it all in. Just being more open to receive these moments makes me feel blessed, which i am sure you would agree with- because not everyone is able to reach a place in their life where they are able to stop, take it in, and be grateful for the miracles around them 🙂

    on a side note, i really must find some peanut flour!! i wanna make a waffle-wich with peanut flour and banana too!!!

    xoxo ❤

  13. Lettuce Choose Healthy

    I always watch BL on Hulu when I work out! That breakfast looks great!! I never thought to make a waffle sandwich!

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