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The Blink Of An Eye.

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This weekend seemed to have come and gone in a split second.  It feels like just moments ago that I was leaving work on Friday, stopping by the Farmer’s Market for some produce, and heading home to start the weekend.

(Red leaf lettuce, romaine, bananas, broccoli, cucumber, red pepper, orange pepper, blueberries, apples, squash, avocado, and tomatoes)

I always try to support the local farmers by getting as much as I can at the market.  It’s usually much cheaper than the grocery store, too! 

After Insanity and some brief cardio on the elliptical, I got a quick shower, sat down for dinner with the family.

Pops had picked up Chinese, since no one felt like cooking, and chose to branch out from my normal steamed shrimp & chinese vegetables.

I opted for the steamed chicken instead.  It wasn’t bad, but I definitely missed the seafood and will probably never make that mistake again.

After dinner, I went to visit the best friend & baby Bowman.  He is getting so big!  My phone died, or I would’ve taken some photos.

Saturday morning, I did have breakfast, but somehow let it manage to escape my camera.  I’m pretty sure it was something basic like peanut flour ontop of Kashi waffles 🙂

All I found was this shot of my coffee with sugar-free vanilla bean frozen yogurt plopped inside.  If you’ve never tried this, it’s a great alternative to “cream” in coffee.  It tastes like dessert! 

 Next up, my Speech Communications class from 9-11:50AM.


The expository demonstrations were still going on this week, but since I had already done mine, the only work I had to do was “toastmastering” the other speeches, aka writing commendations and recommendations.


Some of the interesting topics this week, was one all about black women’s hair (weaves, braids, wigs), palm reading, and how the internet works.

And then there was lunch, of course.  I wanted to try out a “new-to-me” product that I found in the freezer aisle of the grocery store.

 Garden Lites are little souffles that come in a few different varieties, but I chose the roasted vegetable version.  They’ve got butternut squash, too, which I think would be awesome!

Good stats, great ingredients!

1 Garden Lites souffle, canned green beans, and a slice of toast with fat-free refried beans and sugar-free maple syrup

 The souffle was good, but nothing mind-blowing.  It was also rather pricey for the taste, so I would probably make my own from now on.  Can’t beat the convenience, though!  All I had to do was pop it in the microwave.

After lunch, I checked facebook and got to chat with D for the first time since he’s been over there.  All of our correspondence until this point had been messaging.

Then, it was time to get sweaty.

Insane abs workout & then some cardio on the bike & elliptical.   I get tired of typing those words…I can’t wait until it’s warm out, so I can get outside!

I rocked til I dropped…or actually, until my episode of “What Would You Do?” was over.  Ever watch it

It’s a reality show, that puts people in uncomfortable situations where they are forced to either speak up about an injustice that they’re witnessing, or ignore it.  For example, in this particular episode, they place two, role-playing soldiers in a diner that had just reunited.  They made it obvious that the two were a homosexual couple, and they publicly showed affection in front of all the people at the diner.  I thought it was interesting how many different types of reactions were caught on tape, and even some of the word exchanges that occurred!

After getting cleaned up, I finished an English Comp. paper and made some dinner.  Green monsters are perfect for tiding me over until my veggies are finished roasting. 

They’re refreshing, too, which is perfect for post workout eating.  This one was 1/3 C. canned pumpkin, 1/8 C. peanut flour, 3/4 C. unsweet almond breeze, sugar free syrup, ice, and spinach.

Soon the buzzer sounded on the stove, which meant my feast was ready to consume.

I remembered to photograph about 1/2 way through my plate.  I can assure you, this plate was piled high with zucchini, squash, broccoli, parsnips, and mushrooms with sea salt and pepper.  The sauce is a combo of light ragu and garlic lovers hummus ❤  I had some toast with the meal, too, for whole grains, but it was camera shy 😉

That night, a friend of mine was playing at the Hardware Bar with his band, Faded Fortune!

Stay tuned for an exciting Sunday recap! 😉



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  1. Ah, I remember speech class in college. It was the first time I had to speak publicly in front of my American peers. Not fun, haha! But I’ve come a long way since then!

    Yay for green monsters! I really should try adding pumpkin to it and see how it goes! And hooray for getting to talk to D!

  2. I noticed that you had refried beans and sugar-free syrup on top of bread. How does that taste?


  3. I wish I could have seen that presentation….I love that song, too.
    I have seen those souflees for a couple years and you are right the ingredients are really great for a packaged food. Makes me wonder why that company does not branch out and publicize more.


  4. i LOVE what would you do!!! i forgot abou that show- must watch that again! and those garden lites sound awesome.. esp the bnut squash would be awesome!! yay so happy you go to tlak to D on fb!

  5. You sure do have a thang for sugar free syrup! I’m so jealous of your trip to the farmers market…mine doesn’t open until later this month! Ooh the coffee and froyo combo sounds super yummy though, I always drink cappuccinos but if I happen to have froyo and coffee sometime…i’ll be giving it a try!

  6. Those garden lites really look good! I’ll have to look for them! Way to go on the workout too. I wish I had a fun watch like you do!

  7. DiningAndDishing

    i get sucked into what would you do sometimes – that show is seriously addictive!

    – Beth @

  8. Thanks for reviewing Garden Lites! I bet you would love the Butternut Squash souffle. Feel free to post your thoughts on our Facebook wall and link it back to your blog.


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