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The Sunshine State: Part I

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After class on Saturday, I rushed home to finish up some last minute packing.  Around 1PM, my surrogate picked me up so we could head to the airport. 

Hainey– if you’re reading this, thanks again SO much for taking me.

I arrived with some time to spare, so I figured I would roam the airport and get some walking in since I’d be cooped up in a plane for the next 4 hours.  Don’t worry, I was full prepared with a thick copy of Elle magazine and a fully charged ipod.

With time to spare still, I sat down to Facebook and do some last minute online errands.  I paid a bunch of bills, checked my email, and responded to a few blog comments.

From here on out, it was fairly stress-free.  I don’t mind or get anxious about flying…even alone.  When I arrived in Orlando, after a quick pit stop in Columbus, OH, my family was waiting outside in the car to swing by and pick me up.  After a quick pit stop at the grocery store, we traveled back to the house where I got unpacked and explored.

Orange Tree Entrance

The entire neighborhood was picture-perfect.  Any Floridian readers hear of Orange Tree Vacation Homes in Orlando

I was thrilled with the fact that our HEATED pool had a screen room surrounding it.  It kept away bugs!

We spent a lot of time lounging in this place throughout the trip!  The hot tub was amazing, too…until I got sunburnt!


I knew that the next day would be a long one, since we were going to meet up with some other family members in Magic Kingdom, so I decided to punk out early and go to bed around 9:30.




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  1. Gah I would never fly alone!!! Flying is the most terrifying thing ever!

  2. Sounds so great already!! Hope your sunburn is healing!

  3. Yay! and woohoo columbus 😉 hehe. I hope you have a GREAT vacation! slather on that sunblock, girly!

  4. At least you didn’t mention our slight, unplanned detour. Glad you had fun!

  5. I can’t wait to here more! 😀



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