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The Sunshine State: Part II

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We woke up bright and early Sunday morning for a magical day, which always starts with a magical breakfast, of course.

I purchased some Kashi frozen waffles at the grocery store the night before  and supplemented with a smooshed banana and my packed stash of peanut flour.  I’m fully aware that this isn’t a pretty picture, buuuut who has time to worry about visual food appeal when they’re getting ready to go to Disney World?! 😀

It cracks me up how cheery this ticket lady was at 8AM.  I even managed to snap the picture mid-smile.  I guess it isn’t difficult to have a positive attitude when you’re working in such a happy place.

There were two ways to the kingdom once your tickets were bought…you could take the monorail, or the ferry.

Obviously, we chose the more scenic route.  It was a bit chilly at this point, so I was bundled up in a jacket, but everyone else was comfortable!

From here on out, I think I’ll let my photos do the talking and just allow you to enjoy them 🙂

Aunt Teena, Dumbo, & I


Momma FF & Tori

The infamous castle

Princesses galore

The parentals and Trey

Themed garden sculptures


My sister’s boy and the little ones

His and hers restrooms 🙂

And finished off with an amazing fireworks display ❤

More on the rest of my trip tomorrow!



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  1. Ahhh! Beautiful! Love love love this! 🙂

  2. Did you have trouble packing the peanut flour on the plane?? I packed PB2 and security like freaked out! I had to explain what it was to liek 5 people lol. They eventually decided it was ok for me to take it!

  3. Never too old for Disney. Never Ever.

  4. i LOVE DISNEY!! ABHAHAHAH love how eveyrone is always SO cheery there!

  5. the bench conversations

    Disney fun 🙂 Awesome!

  6. hope you’re having fun girly 🙂 dishey = best place on earth!!!

  7. How fun!! I LOVE Disney World! 😀

  8. I am officially jealous! 😉 It looks like you had so much fun! 😀



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