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Or catch-up, rather.

I realize that with all the trip recaps, you guys have been missing out on what’s going on in my everyday life…nothing too exciting, don’t worry…I’ll get you all caught up 😉 

I forgot that when I left for vacation, I had stocked up on Kashi waffles, so upon my return home, I bought another box because they make quick, nutritious breakfasts for this working girl. 

Now I have two, so you can expect to see a lot of them in the next few posts 😉  This particular morning, they just happened to be stuffed with fat-free cottage cheese and a frozen, then microwaved blueberries.

My first Saturday home, and I was sitting in a Speech Communications class at 9am.  We are practicing pursuation and choosing topics for our next presentations.  Any suggestions?  Professor (the goofball in the picture) suggested that we choose local issues as opposed to the broad ones within society (abortion, same sex marriage, smoking, death penalty). 

After class, we scrimmaged a clan of 20 broad-shouldered army girls with bulging biceps and intimidating exteriors.  Simply stated, they beat us up, but it was nothing a hot shower couldn’t fix.  I was too busy to think about my achy body when I went home.  I had a YELLOWCARD CONCERT to prep for!

On the way, we hit up Panera Bread for dinner.  Nothing is better than fresh baked bread and a customized salad ❤

I just asked for a plain turkey sandwich on multi-grain bread with lettuce, tomato, onion, and cucumber with a garden side salad & balsamic on the side. Basic, yet hearty and delicious 😀  I also had my chips replaced with an apple which I saved for later.

We made a pit stop at Starbie’s for some coffee and then went to the concert venue, the Chameleon Club in Lancaster.

Good thing I had this warm beverage (coffee + sugar free vanilla & caramel syrups), because the line was out the door to get in!  Twas a sold out show.  After all, it was their FIRST one back in THREE years.

We got our tickets from a friend, Derek, who was the lead singer in the opening band!  They are called Fight From The Kid.  My cousin, Justin is actually in the band as well, on the guitar.  Check them out!

We ended up with an AWESOME view (I’m pretty sure RYAN KEY blew me a kiss ;)) and made some interesting friends while we were there.  The show was absolutely amazing.  We were staying at my Aunt’s house, who kindly housed us for the night so that we wouldn’t have to drive home. 

More of a “back to the norm” post to come! And tonsssss of new product reviews to share!



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  1. Wow looks like you’ve had some fun things to do since you’ve been back!! (Other than speech class, bleh!) I always loved playing teams that we bigger and better, that meant I got to puch harder 😉

  2. what a blast!! i LOVE panera- wish they had it here!

  3. WQhat’s with the Fido box? 😛

    • If you look to the right of your teacher’s head in that photo he has like a doghhouse that says FIDO.

      How funny…I wonder how many hours you’ve been in there and never noticed?

  4. What a fun night!!! Concerts are so much fun 🙂

    I love panera, you can always get something healthy + tasty!

  5. Looks like you had fun! 😀

    I’ve never been to Panera! They sound delish though! Love the Salad and Sanwish combo! 😀


  6. DiningAndDishing

    Great to see you back to regularly scheduled blogging! We missed you while you were away :).

    – Beth @

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