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God wrote me a little love note today.  It was a firm, yet gentle reminder of what is really important in my life…It’s all about the race, not the run.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve literally based my entire schedule around my workouts.  Call it compulsive, shallow, or inefficient.  I’m not proud of it, but I feel a constant responsibility to maintain my fitness level and shape.  Sometimes, it gets to the point where I need to sit back and realize…LIFE IS SO MUCH MORE.  God isn’t going to give me a crown in heaven for being able to run a ten mile race, but he might for helping the needy or being a positive influence on someone’s lifeRelationships are what life is all about.

Oh yeah, and delicious, nutritious food.

Kidding!…Kind of 😀

Breakfast tacos/hotdogs! Kashi 7 grain waffles + 1/2 banana mashed & peanut flour paste

Anywho, it’s been raining cats and dogs here.  I’m hoping this means that by the time April showers are supposed to start, they’ll be over.

Unfortunately for me, somehow the precipitation has an effect on the ability of drivers in our area to exercise common sense behind the wheel and everything gets backed up.

By lunchtime, I definitely needed a break.

Spaghetti squash with Quorn meatless crumbles and Light Ragu

Side salad: red leaf lettuce, orange pepper, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes with balsamic glaze

On my lunch break, I also took a nice mile long walk in the rain.  Yes, that’s right.  By this time, it was just misting outside, which I found to be incredibly refreshing.  I did keep my hood up, so my hair wouldn’t get wet, though.

Andddd, I ordered a new laptop because mine crashed.  LiterallyIsn’t she prettyI need to name herAny suggestions?

After work, I went home and did AB RIPPER X and a tiny bit of cardio while I watched “Shedding For The Wedding” on a laptop that Daddy FF kindly let me borrow.

More cardio ensued when I took on my disaster of a bedroom.  Cleaning was definitely overdue….Along the way, I found some SUPER old school pictures, too, which kept things interesting…so I thought I’d share a few.   You guys have never seen the “little Sami“!

I’m on the left, and my middle sister on the right.

Sisters on Easter (2000)

My Godfather & I

My very first dozen of red roses from a boyfriend (2004)

I also sorted through some old sketches from my high school art class!

I forgot how much I enjoyed painting and sketching until I went through them…Back then, our assignment was to do at least one sketch per night.

Mostly, my drawings were household items, as were others’ in the class. 

Perfume bottles, tissue boxes, toothbrushes, etc. were common occurences in our selections.

Granted, I wasn’t the greatest artist in the world, but I had a lot of fun in class.

Another thing I really enjoyed, but somehow lost ambition for, was photography. 

Funny, how I was taking pictures of food before I even got into the blogging thing.  It really can be beautiful 🙂

This one was one of my favorites.  It’s ashame the clarity diminishes when you take a picture of a photo because the contrast between the sky and the leaves is perfect.

Anyway…hope you enjoyed the little “change it up” theme I went with in the post today.  I’m not just a fitness obsessed foodie.  I really do enjoy other things, too.  Haha. Just another side of ME. 😀




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  1. LOVE that devotional. It is so true about what u said. God doesn’t care about all the little kingdoms we build here on earth. He doesn’t care if we won races and could lift 100lbs. He cares how many more children we helped bring home to him. He cares about our heart.
    Our God is unlike anything or anyone 🙂

  2. Your “breakfast tacos” look waaay better than the egg/salsa breakfast burritos that you usually see.

    Nice laptop! I hadn’t thought about naming my laptop. I probably should do that! Let us know when you pick a name. I may need some inspiration. 🙂

    Such cute pictures of little Sami. You’ve always been beautiful. 🙂

  3. those old pics are soo cute!! you were adorable- and still are! NICE LAPTOP!! i need to give mine a name!

  4. so proud of you for putting first what is most important! I feel like I need a little knock on the head sometimes too as to what I really need to focus on. the process, not the result.
    What sweet old pictures too!

  5. Good for you for shifting your awareness to what is important in life. I’m starting to come to that same realization. Another one of life’s beautiful “ah-ha” moments 🙂

    I am dying to try your spaghetti squash/light ragu/ quorn meatless crumble meal. That looks so good. I’ve never cooked Spaghetti Squash before. Is it hard to do?


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