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Eat Something Your Mom Never Heard Of.

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I absolutely adore this company.  Not just because of their clever slogan, either.  Momma FF probably has no idea what falafel is 😉  (If you’re reading this, Momma- it’s okay!)  Falafel, generally a Middle Eastern Food, is typically comprised of ground chickpeas or fava beans. 

I’m a chickpea fanatic, and from what I’ve read on some of your blogs, you are too!  With such a busy lifestyle, I find it difficult to find time to prepare homemade foods, and unfortunately have to rely on companies to provide me with sustainable, nutritious options to pack for on-the-go, convenient meals.

The spices were really played up in this recipe, without tasting too overpowering.  I liked them best with hummus, as most traditional falafel is eaten, but they were good all on their own, too!  As an alterative dipper, I choose Cedar’s Cucumber Garlic Tzatziki Sauce, which is yummy, too.  Typically, I’ve found that falafel can be a bit on the dry side, especially without frying it, which would defeat the purpose of eating it for the health benefits.  They come fully-cooked and ready to eat!  All you do is heat, if you prefer them warm, and serve!  I actually found myself snacking on them cold and they were still delish.

Check out these nutrition facts:

I love that the ingredients list it recognizable. Simple & quality ingredients are what I prefer 😉

Thanks so much to Rachel and Falafel Republic for sending me these awesome products for this review!

❤ XO.


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  2. I’ve seen those and the ingredients are so awesome, so clean.
    I eat food my mom has never heard of all the time…I almost made her gag on a piece of seaweed once and no one in my family will go near the nutritional yeast.

  3. Mmm falafels…falafel is just fun to say and eat!

  4. I love falafels!!!! 😀 They remind me of Turkey and my mom’s trip to India! 😀 LOVE them in pitas! 😀


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