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When Life Gives You Brown Bananas…

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…use them to make banana bread!

Okay, so that didn’t sound as clever coming out as it sounded in my head, but you get the picture.

I didn’t have a whole lot of time to spend this weekend on baked goods, as class, workouts, and family time consumed more of my schedule, but I did manage to whip up a pretty awesome, healthy banana bread from a box 🙂

Although it wasn’t homemade, I was quite content with the ingredients list and nutrition factsOrganic brown rice flour, being the base, it also ended up being gluten-free!

All you need are deuces.  Two overly ripe bananas, two EGGLAND’S BEST eggs, and the boxed mix.  Talk about a lazy baker, right?

It was so easy, it almost felt wrong.  But if it is, I don’t want to be right.  Just wait…you’ll see…

While it was in the oven at 350° for 40 minutes, I got my elliptical face on and went downstairs after class on Saturday afternoon.  It was kind of pleasant having everyone out of the house and just doing my thing.

A short time later, this hunk of burning love deliciousness came out of the oven.  Everyone knows that baked goods are best straight from the oven, so it was an obvious choice to slice off an end piece and devour almost immediately ❤

Another amazing find this weekend?  Thanks to Katie, I was on a mission to find some Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips.

Lord knows, I’ve been needing to get some color on my nails for quite awhile now.  I figured Saturday was the perfect opportunity.

I’ve had to keep my nails trimmed back for many reasons…I don’t bite them anymore, but I can’t stand trying to put in and take out my contacts when I’ve got longer fingernails.  I scratch my eyes everytime!  Not fun.  Annnnnnnd, my job is pretty reliant on my typing abilities, since it’s such a fast paced work load, the faster I can pump things out on the computer, the better.

I really wanted the “kitty, kitty” color, which was a cheetah print!  But, they were all out, so I went with “bling it on”  🙂  Super simple.  I did them in a matter of 4 minutes and didn’t have to wait for them to dry!  Sweeeet.

 That night, we ordered chinese take out for dinner.

Steamed shrimp with mixed vegetables

Afterward, I had a skype date and then took my little sister to see a movie.  We had both wanted to see “Beastly” for awhile now!


For those of you who haven’t heard of it yet, it was supposed to be a modern day “Beauty and the Beast” story.  I thought it was decent…definitely not a waste of time, but nothing life-altering.  They could’ve done a lot more with it in my opinion.

Regardless, it was a fun night with a loved one, so I was thankful ❤

Have you seen Beastly yet?  What did you think? Any other good movies lately? 


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  1. Ooh! I’ve been wanting to try those nail thingys! Where did you find them?!?

  2. That banana bread looks awesome. I didn’t know they made stick on nail polish. cool lol.

    So did you like beastly enough that would suggest someone go see it in the theatres?

  3. That bread looks delicious! I can only bake from a box but I’ve seen that brand before. I’m also interested in their carrot cake.

  4. Woah! I Want to try those nail things, because I can NEVER Sit still long enough for nail polish to dry. Seriously, it’s awful! haha

    That banana bread looks so freaking good!

  5. my house never has left over bananas…ugh wats with brothers and finishing the bananas all at once! but I did save one secretly and made banana bread a while was pretty darn good! great pics!!!! love your post and blog

  6. i LOVE NANER BREAD! and i love old bananas– brown= YUM!! LOve that nail color! bling it on is such a cute name!

  7. DiningAndDishing

    LOVE banana bread! You can never be sad for overripe bananas with such a good way to use them up! Your loaf looks AMAZING!

    – Beth @

  8. how long do the nails last? they look great!

  9. I can’t believe those nail polish thingies work! Imma hafta get ’em. Your nails look great.

    PS…do you know how many times you make me crave chinese takeout veggies and shrimp?
    Evertime you blog about it….mmmmm…

  10. Whaaa?? Tell me more about these nail thingies! I am AWFUL about picking at chipped nail polish on my fingernails so I normally don’t paint them anything other than clear, haha! Do they last a long time? Tell me more!

  11. YAY for banana bread! :d YUM!


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